We’re proud to cultivate a roster of tutors who matriculate from some of the country’s best colleges and universities to join the Livius team. Livius tutors average 7 years of tenure with our company, and this experience makes a critical difference in successfully guiding students through their academic journey.


Our tutors are rigorously trained academic specialists with extensive subject knowledge and expertise. As employees (not independent contractors), we’re able to invest time and resources in training our tutors around our industry-backed curriculum and responsive methodologies.


Knowledge and training are only part of the puzzle—the best way to motivate students is to connect with them as individuals. Our tutors are trained on the importance of building authentic relationships through each student interaction, and we thoughtfully match each student to the best-fit tutor for an optimized learning experience.

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Quality tutoring has a ripple effect. Here's what our students have said about the lasting impact of working with Livius.

"As a high school student attending school abroad, applying to US universities was quite challenging for me, but Livius' services made the process much easier to navigate. My tutor, Mr. Beverly, was very understanding and kind to work with, as he helped me along the way during the application process."

Francesca, Livius College Counseling Student

"From the day I met him, I knew he genuinely wanted to help me and see me succeed. If I didn't get Lance's help then I wouldn't have got into the majority of colleges that I applied to. Aside from Lance, the other staff members at Livius Newton are always welcoming and maintaining a smile, keeping you in an environment where you feel you belong!"

Kamran, Livius College Counseling Student

"I'm being tutored for my ACT. When I first took it I didn't get the score that I wanted, so they helped me raise my score. The best part of being tutored here was my tutor. He really got to know me and my learning style so my tutoring was very personalized."

Margo, Livius ACT Student

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