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TOEFL Prep Options

In-Person Tutoring


  • Private 1:1 tutoring at one of our Livius centers
  • Industry-backed curriculum and test-prep methodology
  • Best-fit matching with master and distinguished level tutors
  • Includes all books, materials, and practice exams

Online Tutoring


  • Live online format for maximum accessibility
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling
  • Same industry-backed curriculum adapted for online learning
  • Includes all materials and practice exams

What our clients are saying about the Livius experience

"The best part about having my son tutored at Livius was the comprehensive nature of what they offer. They take him from the beginning when evaluating his interests and enable him to do things by himself."

Eileen, Livius Tutoring Parent

"I can only say something on Livius' tutoring on my child. They have very good, valuable teachers who have improved my son's study. Livius is a really high qualified education school. We enjoy the great service they give us."

Bing, Livius Tutoring Parent

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