Free SAT Test Prep

Livius Prep provides a range of options for SAT test prep, including a FREE online course. With our help, students increase their SAT exam scores by an average of 215 points.

Free SAT Test PrepLivius Prep has decades of experience operating in the academic preparation arena. The services available with us include SAT/ACT exam prep, high school exam prep, an SAT/ACT Comparison Test, college counseling, and academic tutoring.

Livius Prep – The Winning Choice

Students without guidance for their SAT preparation lack the direction needed for efficient and effective results. At Livius Prep, we offer research-driven, personalized programs for students to targetedly and intensively work toward score improvement.

  • Scheduling – A high school student’s life is often hectic. A typical day might include school, social, work, religious, and community activities. Since a stacked, well-rounded resume is so highly regarded by college admission and scholarship boards, having flexible scheduling for exam prep is critical.
  • Excuse Elimination – If you have much familiarity with teens, you understand that the majority of their time is spent thinking of excuses rather than doing the things they should. Online preparation eliminates all of these excuses, especially since their smartphones are as important as the breath of life.
  • Personalization – Intensive study on every single benchmark does a disservice to the individual student. When the content is already mastered, why waste critical prep time on reviewing and practicing that material? Livius Prep provides a targeted approach. We identify and fill in learning gaps.
  • Best-Fit Match Tutor – We employ a best-fit match tutor process whereby we provide tutees with the most appropriate tutor. All of our tutors are highly educated and thoroughly trained.
  • Student Buy-In – Students can have a difficult time admitting that they need help, especially to their peers. Online test prep can minimize the stigma associated with academic assistance, a critical step to student participation.

The FREE Livius Prep SAT Foundations Course

Begin preparing for the SAT with a free course provided by Livius Prep. The course consists of two live and interactive, professionally directed classes spanning a single week. The purpose is to teach strategies and tips for doing well on the SAT.

Upon completion of this free course, students can choose to pay for a $50 proctored SAT exam via Zoom. This practice exam will provide a reality-based setting for students to become accustomed to and confident despite any pressure surrounding the exam.

If you choose to take the live exam, we will provide a report, 10 pages long, regarding your performance, along with a conference with an Academic Advisor. The report will include a custom score improvement plan, and you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to continue with a Livius Prep exam prep program. The cost of the live exam will be credited from the price of the tutoring.

The Livius Prep 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement

Students who choose to continue their preparation journeys with us will find that we leverage our strategic, research based methodology. Using this method, we have been able to help our clients reach 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores, 2,500+ Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30,000 in academic-based scholarships for each student.

Arm yourself with test-taking strategies by taking the free SAT test prep foundations course from Livius Prep. Sign up today either online or by calling (800) 428-8378.