How Our Partnership Works

  1. Determine the best fit program. Our Livius Prep Program Director will work with you to establish the areas of need and where we can provide support to your students.
  2. Create a plan of action. We will partner with you to create a program outline including prospective tutors, student materials, and instruction modality.
  3. Formal proposal submission. Includes consideration and approval of the proposed program outline.
  4. Collaborative planning and implementation. Our Livius Prep Program Director works directly with administration, instructors, and families to ensure the successful execution of the program.
  5. Reflective adjustments. We monitor tutoring data and student progress to adjust the program based on this feedback following each program cycle.

38 Years of Real Results

$50,000 Average Merit-Based Scholarship Award Per Student In 2022

Over 1 Million Tutoring Hours Completed

Our Current Partners In Education


Student Testimonial - Dyna L.
Staff Testimonial - Cory M.