GRE Test Prep Tutoring

GRE test prep with Livius Prep tutoring can make all the difference when applying for select graduate school programs. We provide experienced and expert tutors with postgraduate degrees in online and in-person formats. 

Understand the Difficulty Level of the GRE

GRE Test Prep TutoringBeing the standard for determining admission into graduate school programs, the GRE must be suitable for demonstrating a likelihood of success in advanced academic settings. The score that you need will increase with the competitiveness of the program.

Adaptive Nature of the GRE

The difficulty of the GRE adjusts to the test taker’s performance for a more precise score. 

For example – 

The Quantitative, or math, section of the GRE has two parts, and the first one is of medium difficulty. The second part of this section will be of medium difficulty if your performance on the first part is at a medium level; the second part will be easy if you do poorly on the first part; and the second part will become much more difficult if you do well on the first part. The more difficult questions in the second part are meant to separate the top 2% of test takers from the top 5% of graduate school candidates.

The Qualitative, or language, section of the GRE adapts similarly.

A more difficult exam indicates that you’ve performed well in the first sections.

Quality of Preparation

Every individual will find the GRE difficult in parallel to how well that person is prepared. The better prepared you are, the easier the exam will seem. 

Students should brush up on vocabulary, reading skills, and math abilities to prepare. 

The GRE is standardized and predictable. You can know the types of questions and the criteria being evaluated. For this reason, Livius Prep utilizes official GRE materials. 

The Level of Preparation Required 

Begin your preparation for the GRE with a diagnostic exam. This measure will help you understand how far you are from the score you need to be considered for admission into the desired program. Livius Prep begins every GRE program with this diagnostic test to set a baseline and create a targeted plan for preparation, using time wisely and focusing on areas that need the most work and those that will have the most impact on your score. 

The Structure of the GRE

  • Two sections of Verbal Reasoning
    • Reading comprehension 
      • Main ideas
      • Analyzing details
      • Making inferences
      • Drawing conclusions
    • Vocabulary
      • College-level vocabulary
      • Context clues
      • Synonyms
  • Two sections of Math
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry
    • Pre-calculus
    • High school level statistics and data analysis
  • Two sections of Writing (Essays)
    • Issue essay
    • Argument analysis essay

Livius Prep GRE Structure:

  • 12 sessions
  • 18 hours
  • 7 sessions – verbal reasoning and essay
  • 5 sessions – math
  • In-person at Lexington, Wellesley, or Newton, MA center
  • Online via video chat
  • 1:1 or small-group

Doing well on the GRE is a matter of preparation. Our program will prepare you to perform well and study well. You’ll need to study, but you’ll also have to develop confidence and familiarity. 

Livius Prep’s GRE test prep tutoring provides proven experts and programs that get results. Take advantage of our multiple years of experience by booking your prep in anticipation of exam day. Learn more by following this link or calling 800-428-8378 to contact our team.