HBCU Connect and Livius have partnered for online HBCU test prep.

New Partnership for HBCU Test Prep with Livius

Livius will provide college application and test prep services to college-bound member students and visitors of HBCU Connect. HBCU Connect is a network and platform serving recruits, students, and alumni of historically Black colleges and universities. The new HBCU test prep partnership between the two organizations was announced this week by Neil Khaund, CEO of Livius and Reginald Culpepper, the President of Online Operations and Fulfillment for HBCU Connect, LLC.

Partnership for Equality

Of the collaboration, Khaund stated: “In this moment, when we’re confronting historic inequities across so many systems, it’s crucial to do whatever we can as a company to help make college prep services more accessible to students and their families. If we can do that for applicants to the vibrant and historically important colleges and universities that serve our country’s Black students, we consider it an honor to do so.”

Livius will offer its flagship virtual Foundations programs to HBCU Connect students and site users. The Foundations programs deliver personalized strategies and insights to students preparing for the SAT or ACT and applying to college.

Livius’ Test Prep Foundations course provides specific strategies and tactics for each exam in a live, online format. After the class, students complete a full-length practice exam. Then, they receive a detailed score report to help map the remainder of their prep and admission journey. 

The College Essay Foundations program guides participants through the crucial process of brainstorming, drafting, and revising a Common App essay. It also prepares students to answer other college admission questions during an uncertain year.

Culpepper shared, “We at HBCU Connect are glad to be able to provide such a wonderful resource to our audience. We appreciate companies and organizations like Livius that want to make a difference by providing test prep, essay prep, and assessment programs at no cost that our members are able to easily partake in.” 

Registration Open

Registration for Foundations classes for HBCU Connect families is currently open for classes that will begin in early fall. Students and families can find out more about these services and register for the program of their choice here

Unaffiliated students nationwide can find access to upcoming free Foundations programs here.

About HBCU Connect

First established as HBCU-Central in 1999, HBCU Connect is the first social network for graduates, students, applicants, and visitors who want to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The organization provides a user-friendly platform that helps support individual members seeking opportunities for educational, networking, and professional connections. The HBCU Connect platform also helps connect members with organizations that seek to hire and serve this strong, committed community.