Free SAT prep online and Free ACT prep online help high schoolers at home.

Free Test Prep: Online Drop-in SAT/ACT Classes

COVID-19 has everyone learning to do things in new ways, especially in education.  However, learning entirely online can pose new challenges to students. Factor in that many high schoolers are getting ready to take the SAT and ACT, and this situation can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. Students can stay on top of their schedules and still ace the exams, it just takes some adjustment. To help out, we’re offering free test prep online for students getting ready for the SAT and ACT.

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High-Quality Free Test Prep at Home

We know that adjusting to online learning can be a challenge, especially with less access to teachers. However, there are numerous resources available to smooth this transition. Whether you take advantage of free SAT prep online or free ACT prep online, we promise quality instruction that is easy to understand. Our online prep courses are designed just like our in-person courses: built on 35 years of proven experience. In that time, we have seen more than 2,000 Ivy League acceptances, over 1,000 perfect scores, an average SAT score increase of 225 points, and an average ACT score increase of 6 points. These classes are equal to our in-person offerings, but you can complete them from home, and they’re free of charge.

Our courses are structured in 90-minute sessions and meet once a week. They are built on our industry-backed curriculum and our 8+ methodology. Jason Breitkopf, our Director of Academics, leads discussions in test-taking strategies, proven methods, and skill-building, as well as Q&A.

The classes are a low-stakes way to prepare, and students may stay for the whole program, or drop-in as needed. They will run through May, with an end date to be determined. The schedule is as follows:

  • SAT Prep – Tuesdays, 5-6 PM EST / 4-5 PM CT
  • ACT Prep – Wednesdays, 5-6 PM EST / 4-5 PM CT-

Practice Makes Permanent

Now is a great time to learn and practice effective test-taking strategies for the ACT and SAT. Incorporate this practice into your daily studies, and you’ll be prepared when your test date comes. You can do this, and we want to help. Check out our free test prep courses today.



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