Our free AP prep class helps students get ready for the AP exams in May.

Free AP Prep: Online Drop-in Class

It’s that time again for the AP exams in May. However, recent school closures due to COVID-19 have students across the country concerned. We understand this situation can feel stressful. You’ve worked hard the whole school year, and this presents a new, unprecedented challenge. But this situation doesn’t have to derail your progress. You can do this, and we can help with free AP prep online.

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Free AP Prep Wherever you Are

We want to help students stay confident and on track. To do this, we are offering a free online AP test prep class through the month of April. The class consists of weekly hour-long live virtual meetings taught by our expert tutors, covering six major subjects. Our tutors discuss strategies and skills designed to maximize scores, insights into the testing experience, and what to expect on the exams. As always, the lessons are based on our 35 years of experience in the field.

The class is a low-stress way to prepare for the tests. Students may attend the whole month-long program or drop-in as needed. The schedule begins on Friday, April 3, and varies based on the subject as follows:

  • AP English Language – Wednesdays – 6 PM EST / 5 PM CT
  • AP Biology – Fridays – 3 PM EST / 2 PM CT
  • AP Chemistry – Wednesdays – 2 PM EST / 1 PM CT
  • AP U.S. History – Mondays – 6 PM EST / 5 PM CT
  • AP Calculus A/B – Fridays – 5 PM EST / 4 PM CT
  • AP Physics 1 (Algebra) – Thursdays 5:30 PM EST / 4:30 PM CT

Prep vs. Review

It’s important to remember that test prep and review are not the same. Our free AP prep class is geared toward helping students achieve high scores through learning and applying effective test-taking strategies. While we discuss some content, this is not the same as dedicated content review. So, in addition to our prep class, we suggest you take advantage of the free live AP review classes offered by The College Board itself.

You’ve Got This

If you’ve been preparing for the AP exams all year, don’t feel discouraged by the current situation; you can succeed if you just keep at it. If you’re a student preparing for the exams or a parent of such a student, our online drop-in AP class makes it easy to stay on track. Visit our site to learn more and sign up today.



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