tutoring for elementary students

Tutoring for Elementary Students: Improving Their School Experience

It’s a Monday, you walk through your classroom door after an amazing weekend. You’re in 3rd grade. You have a spelling test today, one that you’ve been studying for every night until your head is left swimming. The test is passed around and you take it swiftly, remembering all that you can – knowing you are not going to do well and resulting in the rest of your day being ruined by a bad mood.

This article isn’t about the struggles students face in school – that would take ages to write. Instead, this article is about a possible solution for those problems. That possible solution is easier to grasp than you might think, while simultaneously building confidence. So, what is it, you might ask? Tutoring for elementary students. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “why would an elementary student need that?” Let me explain why.


Why Tutor an Elementary School Student?

Don’t get me wrong, teachers are some of the most amazing people to walk this Earth, but it can be challenging today to meet the needs of every student. Yes, we have differentiated instruction and pull-out services, but sometimes a student may need more.

If a student is struggling with a concept in school – let’s say math – and the teacher has pulled all their resources to try and teach the concept every way, they know how. But here the student sits, still stuck. The class moves on, as the class must move on. This leaves that one student to hope that they can scrape by in the homework, quizzes, and tests hoping that they don’t start falling behind.

But it’s not fair for a student to feel that way and with tutoring, the student wouldn’t have to. You see, with tutoring, the student is provided extra one on one time to figure out that one concept while also building confidence in themselves and their abilities. Because with tutoring, the student always come first. If the student decides they want to try something new, during that session it will be done. If the student decides they want to review questions from last session, it will be done.

School can also be quite overwhelming for some students. A bigger class size means less individualized instruction. This is problematic for the students who require that extra one-to-one time. Diving into tutoring not only provides your child with that crucial time but as the parent or guardian, you have to opportunity to hand select the tutor that’s right for your child.


The Importance of Tutoring for Elementary Students

So, why is it so important? Tutoring for elementary students provides them with the resources and tools to wipe out test anxiety, low self-confidence, and confusion with concepts in the classroom. With differentiated instruction, days will not be ruined because of a spelling test and students will have a positive association with school instead of a negative one. It sets the tone for not only the rest of the school year but the rest of a student’s school career.

Thus, before you – as a parent or guardian – decide to throw in the towel because the way concepts are being taught is different than when you went to school, or your child is showing signs of anxiety when it’s time for school (stomachaches, faking a fever, and anything else your creative kid has whipped up), think about tutoring. Take that initial step forward to ensure your child has the most positive experience that their school career and offer, and then some. Ensuring that your child gets the individualized and personalized assistance that they may need whether in a small group or one-to-one.

Author: Chelsea DiNeno