New ACT fall 2020 test dates are here.

ACT Fall 2020 Test Dates: Mark Your Calendars

Earlier this week ACT, Inc. announced that they were adding three new ACT fall 2020 test dates. You can find more info about this announcement in our FAQ below.

When Are the New ACT Fall 2020 Test Dates?

Normally, the ACT holds three autumn test dates, which are on the following Saturdays in 2020: September 12th, October 24th, and December 12th. This year, ACT is adding test dates on the following Saturdays: September 19th, October 10th, and October 17th.

Are There Any Test Dates Not on Saturday?

Yes, actually. Historically, ACT has held Sunday testing on the same weekend as the September and October Saturday test dates. They have reserved seats on these Sunday dates for students who had religious objections to testing on Saturdays, such as Jewish or Seventh Day Adventist students. ACT also held some accommodations-based testing on Sundays. This year, ACT has opened the two Sunday test dates (September 13th and October 25th) to all students, regardless of religious affiliation or accommodations.

Why Has ACT Added Three Saturday Test Dates and Opened the Sunday Test Dates to Everyone?

ACT is anticipating that they will not be able to seat as many students at each testing site as they have done in the past. This is due to strict social distancing guidelines per recommendations by the CDC and state departments of education. With fewer seats available at each high school hosting the ACT, testing sites will fill more quickly than usual.

Do These Test Dates Conflict with the SAT Test Dates?

Luckily, no. ACT was very careful to avoid scheduling their new test dates on dates already reserved for the SAT.

Will Computer-Based Testing Still be Available?

Yes. Just one week ago, ACT announced that they will begin to roll out computer-based testing at limited locations, in the hopes that all high schools will eventually hold computer-based testing in their media centers/computer labs. The goal is to reduce the stress on the high schools during paper-based testings by giving students the option to choose computer-based testing. This should help high schools meet social distancing standards.

Any Updates Regarding Section Retesting?

Yes. ACT has now confirmed that section retesting will not be available until 2021. The earliest possible test date is therefore February, but it is still likely that due to social distancing concerns, section resting will be further delayed to April 2021 or beyond.

Does ACT Still Support Superscoring?

Yes. ACT score reports will include a superscore of the student’s previous ACT results beginning with the September 12th test date.

When Can I (or My Student) Register for the New Autumn Test Dates?

Registration for the autumn test dates should begin in late July. We recommend registering for your preferred test date as soon as possible due to the predicted limited space at every testing site.
As always, we’re here to offer continued support to families during this time. Please reach out if there are any questions we can answer to help you navigate academic resources, test prep, or college admission


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