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Where Can I Get My College Essay Reviewed?

The college application process is time consuming and complicated. Even if you only apply to colleges which utilize the Common App, you will need to fill out a myriad of forms, acquire numerous letters of recommendation from guidance counselors, teachers, and coaches, submit transcripts, and craft several writing samples of varying lengths. In fact, that last example is one of the most stressful elements of the college application for many students. Depending on the colleges to which you apply, the college application essay may be the most important aspect of your application.


Common Mistakes

Far too many students put in the minimum effort on their college application essay. These students select a question, sometimes at random, from the list of prompts provided by the Common App and then write a straightforward, uninspired response. Ambitious students, those applying to prestigious, selective colleges, know better. These high-performing students carefully craft their essay to enlighten the admissions officers at the colleges to which they apply about their goals and aspirations, their passions and preferences, and their inner life.

Even if you are confident in your writing ability, and you have an intriguing story to convey, you will be well served to get another perspective on your essay. It is often a good idea to ask a friend or classmate to review your essay. Your parents will definitely want to weigh in on your writing. You may even be required to submit your essay to your English teacher for a grade during either junior or senior year.

College Essay Review Services

What may actually serve you best, however, is to utilize college essay review services, such as a tutor or tutoring company. At college essay review services you will find experts in both writing and the college application process you can give you neutral and productive feedback on your college application essay. Yes, college essay review services cost money, but they are both able to provide the expert feedback of an English teacher without the judgment of a friend or parent.

At Livius, for example, our college application essay writing experts examine both the content of your essay for relevance to the rest of your application and the quality of your writing. Our tutors review the structure, format, grammar, and vocabulary in your essay to make sure that you are avoiding common mistakes and expressing yourself most clearly and concisely. Additionally, it is imperative that your essay show you off as a high quality candidate who has specific interests and a unique perspective on the world.

Word of Caution

When shopping around for college essay review services, watch out for any provider who promises to write your essay for you. Not only is this unethical, it may also be illegal. College admissions offices are very careful about double checking application essays, and if they discover that you hired someone to write yours for you, you can be automatically rejected, or have your admission revoked, if you’ve already been accepted.

Instead, work with a tutor or counselor who is interested in helping you achieve your best self by guiding you to write your own essay to the best of your ability. Remember, you are the person who is going to finish those applications, make a choice about which college you accept, and go live on that campus. Make sure you have an ally who is there to help you.


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