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Don’t waste time prepping for the wrong exam. Your plan for college admission success should be personalized to your specific needs, skills, and goals. This process starts with knowing which college entrance exam to take.

Results You Can Trust

We’ve spent 35 years helping students on their path to college admission. After completing your comparison test in person or online, you’ll receive a detailed score report from one of our expert tutors. This 8-page report includes a recommendation for which test is the best fit, along with other key information to help you prep for your exam. Expect your report within about a week.

Additional Support

Once you receive your score report, you’re invited to meet with a tutor for a free one-hour session (in person or online) to go over your results. In this meeting, you’ll review your report, discuss your best-fit test recommendation, and build a personalized timeline for test prep and other steps of the admission process. This FREE session ensures you understand the results of your comparison test and know your options for moving forward to get your best score.

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Exam Length

This is a 3-hour, actual conditions exam offered online


Students receive a detailed 8-page score report and best-test recommendations, usually within about one week

What's Next?

After scores are returned, students are offered a private online counseling session to review results (if desired)

Test Requirements

We strongly recommend students have completed high-school geometry before taking this exam

Livius Students Get Results

Over 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores

Average 225 point SAT increase

Average 6 point ACT increase

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Still Have Questions About Which Test Is Best?

Why does deciding between the ACT vs SAT matter?

While the exams have similarities, they have a few key differences too. A student’s individual learning style, test-taking tendencies, academic strengths, and educational background all play a role in which exam is a better fit. By prepping for the right exam, you increase your chances of a higher score while also optimizing your time (and money!) for quality test prep.

When should I take the exam?

If you’re debating between the SAT vs ACT, our Comparison Test is ideal for any student who’s taken at least high-school level geometry. As a first step to a focused test-prep plan, consider sitting for the exam around the end of sophomore year or the beginning of junior year. If you’ve missed that timeline, don’t worry — you can take the exam any time to learn which test is best.

What are the test requirements?

When taken in person at one of our centers, the test is administered as an actual-conditions exam to mimic the environment of the SAT/ACT as closely as possible. If taken online, students are provided with proctoring instructions. Allow approximately 3.5 hours to complete the exam. For best results, the test should be taken only after a student has completed high school geometry.