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Comprehensive Scholarships List: Low Income Students

Financing your child’s education can be one of the most stressful parts of the college application process. Today we want to focus on specific steps you can take today to win scholarships to help reduce the cost of college. We’ll cover the concept of grants and loans in another email. A common misconception is that you need to be a straight A student and have perfect SAT scores to qualify for this coveted conceptualization of a low income scholarship when in fact, every student can qualify for a scholarship, regardless of academic performance.

Scholarship Essay Questions

Some scholarships are solely contingent on your passion for an activity or topic. All that may be needed is answering the question “Why is ____ important to you?”. This question can range from volunteering, to swimming, to practicing a certain religion, or to music. A lot of these scholarships are smaller in amount, but the good thing is there are so many scholarships out there!

Other scholarships may have more of an academic approach. “Why are you interested in going into Nursing School?” may be a question for a scholarship application that revolves around nursing. The scholarship committee wants to hear your passion for that topic, and though it is academically related, they may not even ask for your transcript.

These examples just begin to scratch the surface of scholarships available to you but you must do work to find them. The following are some free resources that will help match you with scholarships:

These websites/apps will typically ask you to create a profile with details what you’re interested in, your background, colleges you’re applying to, activities you’re involved in, and more. Do not let this prevent you from applying to scholarships — they ask for these facts about you so they can “match” you with scholarships you’re eligible for!


What You Will Need to Apply

Now comes the fun, but hard part. Actually applying to those scholarships! To be best prepared for any type of scholarship, you must gather a few things.

  • A resume
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts and official test scores
  • A list of extracurricular activities

These items are necessary just in case a scholarship wants them. Instead of scurrying last minute, proactively ask your teachers for letters of recommendation, and have a resume/activities list (these will come in handy for many other facets of life later on).

The last component that most low income scholarships will require is an essay. The topics for these essays can be virtually anything but there are ways to make sure your essay is phenomenal. Here are some suggestions:

  • Be very specific when answering the prompt.
  • Be concise, numeric, and effective. Make sure your words have an impact in the briefest way possible.
  • Provide personal examples of your life when appropriate

Don’t be afraid to humble brag. Some scholarship applications may ask you to list your achievements in an essay but learn the fine line of bragging and being humble.

Additional things to consider in the scholarship search:

  • Apply to as many scholarships as you can since it is free money.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of “smaller” scholarships. A scholarship of $500 is still free money!
  • Stay organized and track deadlines. The worst way to lose a scholarship is by accidentally submitting it late. Be on top of all deadlines to maximize the number of scholarships you win.

By following these tips, you are sure to create a solid application for each low income scholarship you apply to. Apply to as many scholarships as possible since it is FREE money, and they really start to add up once you win a few. Depending on the scholarships and schools’ restriction, you may be able to buy dorm supplies, a whole new closet of clothes, airfare, school supplies, or a laptop. All this will definitely alleviate financial stress for you and your family and will make college more affordable.



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  1. Amina on

    Hello i am Amina from Djibouti, is the US scholarship fully funded? I wanted to spécialisé in geotechnical engineering and do my professional doctorate in US if the scholarship is really fully funded. But unfortunately there are lots of scam on social media and i don’t know which site to trust. Please give details about this scholarship

    • Livius Admin on

      Hi Amina,

      These are not scholarships, but resources which making finding scholarships much easier. Good luck on your higher education journey, hope this helps!


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