Tutors Lexington, MA

Are you looking for engaged, experienced, and educated tutors in Lexington, MA? If so, the specialists at Livius Prep are here for you.

Tutors Lexington, MALivius Prep provides the following services:

  • Academic tutoring for grades 6-12 in various subjects
  • Exam prep for private high school admissions
  • Test prep for SAT/ACT exams
  • College counseling
  • more

Catching gaps in learning early is the ideal scenario for students, but it’s rare to work out that way. Teachers are overwhelmed with classes full of students and lack the time to notice and remediate individual student’s learning deficits. Tutoring can fill that gap. Whether your child is struggling or simply bored, allow Livius Prep to provide interactive, appropriate assistance to help spur interest in learning.

Customized Tutoring

Every student is an individual, and tutoring plans that work for one will not work for another. Livius Prep specializes in unique, customized tutoring plans for the individual student. You can choose online or in-person, classroom or one-on-one tutoring sessions, and when we match the tutor to the student, we use a best-match process.

The online access that we provide at Livius Prep is a terrific asset for tutoring. Rather than spending the afternoon down the TikTok rabbit hole, students can invest some time in their academic pursuits. The trick is to make them see the value in learning and the connection between academic success and their futures.

The Credibility of Livius Prep Tutoring

  • 35 years of experience in the industry
  • Tutors who are alumni of the most prestigious higher learning institutions in the US
  • Over 1 million tutoring hours provided
  • 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT scores
  • 2,000+ Ivy League acceptances
  • $30k average of merit-based scholarship aid earned per student

Academic Tutoring Programs at Livius Prep

Building a scaffold for learning is key to success. Whether your student is struggling with AP courses or dealing with a failure to establish the basics in earlier grades, we’re here to diagnose the problem and make up the learning deficits. We understand the need for student investment in the plan and train our tutors for this purpose.

Tutoring On-Site

Livius Prep has three locations – one in Newton, one in Lexington, and one in Wellesley, MA. At these sites, we offer 1-on-1 tutoring. We’ll carefully match the student and tutor and employ advanced curriculum and techniques to promote study skills, learning strategies, and more.

Virtual Tutoring in a Class Setting

If you learn better in a group setting, we offer online classroom tutoring. These sessions aren’t lecture based. Instead, they’re interactive, where students can participate and ask questions. This option encourages participation and flexibility with scheduling.

Virtual 1:1 Tutoring

Livius Prep provides private tutoring online as well. This option is especially beneficial in the time of Covid when many parents prefer to limit public exposure, and it also facilitates the busy schedules most teens have.

The Gift of Confidence

Expect mutiny when you bring up tutoring. Your child will resist and deny the need for assistance. Hiding struggles is typical for all people, but especially for students with academic problems. However, students can sniff out sincerity and appreciate it. As they begin to experience successes and learn to learn independently, the confidence gained will be well worth overcoming their resistance.

The tutors at Livius Prep in Lexington, MA can transform the way that the student in your household views school, learning, and even himself or herself. If you’d like more information about our tutoring programs, dial (800)428-8378 to speak with our customer support staff.