Tutors in Wellesley, MA

Academic tutors from Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA, can transform students’ outlook on school, grades, self-worth, and ambition. We offer online and in-person tutoring to make sure that all students’ schedules can be met. We help eliminate excuses and enhance student buy in to their own academic success.

Tutors in Wellesley, MAOur tutors will help students develop study skills, time management skills, and even deal with the difficulties of virtual learning. We offer 35 years of expertise in the tutoring and test prep markets and have provided over one million hours of tutoring. Our students average $30k in academic-based scholarships, have made over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT scores, and gained admission over 2,000 times to Ivy League schools.

Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, and Learning Styles

Prior to beginning tutoring in earnest, we make efforts to determine strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles of students. With this information, and a consideration of the student’s personality, we can best match the student to the tutor. We operate on the principle of meeting students as they are and helping them reach established goals.

Cookie cutter tutoring will not work. Your child’s learning style must guide tutoring efforts and even the tutor chosen. Our staff of tutors includes experts in a wide range of subjects and age groups with a thorough understanding of learning styles and teaching techniques. We provide individualized plans for all of our students at Livius Prep.

Academic Tutoring Options at Livius Prep

In-Person Tutoring

  • 1:1 private tutoring at a Livius center
  • Supportive curriculum and methodology
  • Best-fit match to master and distinguished level tutors
  • Tutoring provided to a wide range of subjects and grades 6-12

Online Tutoring

  • Live online platform for convenient access
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Same curriculum, adapted for virtual use
  • Tutoring offered to grades 6-12 and a wide range of subjects

The Tutors at Livius Prep

The tutor that your child has is key to success of the tutoring effort. A poorly prepared or uncommitted tutor will lead to ineffective tutoring. Livius Prep invests in our tutors to understand what it takes to get students to engage and find internal motivation. Buy-in is key to successful tutoring, and we train our tutors to help achieve student investment.

Our tutors are graduates of the most prestigious universities in the country and generally stay with us for a seven-year tenure as committed and prepared tutors. The Livius Prep process includes the most appropriate match of tutor to student.

Online or In-Person Tutoring

The choice between online and in-person tutoring should depend on how the student learns best. Online tutoring can happen anywhere. Students can still participate in athletics, clubs, social activities, and other events and obligations. Caretakers are also free from having to transport students to the center where tutoring takes place in-person, and students won’t experience any stigma they might feel walking into a tutoring center.

In-person tutoring is most appropriate for students who learn best with in-person engagement and communicate better with nonverbal cues. Students who are hard-pressed against tutoring and participation might do better with in-person accountability. You know your child well enough to make this decision.

Parents of struggling students should call Livius Prep for tutors in Wellesley, MA at (800) 428-8378. This gift will empower your child with time management and study skills as well as a foundation of academic basics or targeted assistance with advanced studies or test prep.