Tutors in Newton, MA

If a student in your household is struggling academically, we at Livius Prep in Newton, MA can help with professional tutors. We’re prepared to help with academic tutoring, test prep, and college counseling. Before academic troubles begin to affect your child’s self-worth, provide effective, confidence-boosting, tutoring services.

Time for Tutoring

Tutors in Newton, MAHow can parents know when the time for tutoring has come? Some students may come to their parents and request help. A teacher may make the suggestion. Other students will ignore the issue and even resist help. If your child has struggled consistently or has suddenly begun to bring home unusually low grades, Livius Prep is here to help with professional and experienced tutors. We know how to engage with students and get them to invest in their own success.

A Personalized Tutoring Plan

Livius Prep understands that cookie cutter tutoring programs are ineffective. We offer virtual, classroom, private, and in-person tutoring options. The learning style of your child should guide the choice. Our methodology includes matching the student to the class level or tutor that will meet him or her best. Having online availability provides our students a more convenient way to access help, and our in-person programs help with engagement and communication. We help you eliminate excuses from the resistant student.

A Credible Tutoring Source

Livius Prep has 35 years of experience. We hire tutors who’ve graduated from the most prestigious universities in the country, and we provide training to ensure appropriate engagement with students for maxed engagement. Our methods and curriculum are time-tested and proven. We boast over one million tutoring hours provided, over 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores, over 2,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30K in scholarships for our students.

The Livius Prep Tutoring Program

Academic tutoring for students in grades 6-12 from Livius Prep can help students develop a strong foundation for academics. As students work their way through advanced courses, deal with virtual learning, or strive to improve their transcripts for college admissions and scholarship applications, we can provide an individualized plan for positive outcomes.

In-Person Tutoring at the Livius Prep Center

  • Private 1:1 tutoring at one of our centers
  • Industry-supported curriculum and methodology
  • Best-fit match of tutor to student
  • Tutoring available for a wide range of grades and subjects

Online Tutoring (Live)

  • Enhanced accessibility due to the online format
  • Easy and flexible scheduling
  • Same industry-supported curriculum for best online learning
  • Tutoring offered for a wide range of grades and subjects

Courses and Prices

12 Hours Online – 1-on-1 private online tutoring ($1299)

20 Hours Online – 1-on-1 private online tutoring ($1999)

12 Hours In-Center – 1-on-1 private in-center tutoring ($1299)

20 Hours In-Center – 1-on-1 private in-center tutoring ($1999)

When signing your child up for tutoring, you may experience resistance. Students who struggle have often developed defense mechanisms and coping skills to hide academic deficiencies. The tutors here know how to build trust, identify learning gaps, and close those gaps without making students feel belittled. Once students experience the sincerity of the efforts of our tutors, they generally become invested in their own academic success.

A child’s success academically can influence self-esteem, educational plans, and even life choices. Keep your child on the path toward his or her dreams by providing tutors from Livius Prep in Newton, MA. For more information, reach out via phone at 800-428-8378.