Tutors for AP Exams

Whether you need homework help for your AP courses or want to prep for upcoming AP exams, expert Livius Prep tutors can help you excel. They have an exceptional ability to convey material in a personalized and results-driven way.

Livius Prep was founded in 1984 with a commitment to excellence and student success. During our 30-plus years, thousands of students have dramatically improved their AP scores using our proprietary methods and strategies.

Tutors for AP ExamsOur expert tutors have partnered with thousands of students as they have worked hard to cram for their AP Exams and improve their self-esteem and confidence. We are proud of the fact that at least 2,000 Livius Prep students have been accepted to Ivy League schools.

The dedicated Livius Prep team is equipped to tutor students in all subjects, and includes Ph.D. and Master’s degree recipients in fields such as engineering, chemistry, physics, cultural and world history, and the English language.

What are AP Exams?

Students often take Advanced Placement (AP) classes during high school to learn skills that will help them in college classes. There are 38 different courses, and they are a great way to show colleges you are willing to challenge yourself academically.

The final step after completing the class is to take the AP Exam in May of each year to show how well you mastered the material. Most exams are two to three hours long, and not all of them are paper and pencil tests. AP Japanese Language and Culture and AP Chinese Language and Culture exams are taken on a computer. AP Studio Art students are required to submit portfolios of their work for review.

Some colleges and universities give credit for AP classes, making it possible for you to graduate early. Other schools use your test scores to help place you in higher-level classes when you start college. If you are interested in a specific college’s AP policy, you can find the information you need at the College Board website.

AP Tutoring at Livius Prep

Livius Prep offers tutoring for both AP courses and AP tests to help students demonstrate their mastery of particular subjects to their target colleges.

AP class tutoring is typically done over an entire school year, though it also can be done over a short period, such as when you have a challenging assignment ahead. AP test prep typically runs for two months, though that time frame can vary based on individual needs.

Livius Prep tutors in Newton, MA help students conquer even the most difficult lessons in their AP courses and score well on their AP exams with one-on-one tutoring programs designed to meet their academic needs and learning style. Call us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our current offers and pricing.