Tutoring Services Wellesley, MA

During every academic career, a student will face setbacks and difficulty. Navigating these times successfully can set the student on the path toward increased self esteem and future successes. Livius Prep tutoring services offer students in Wellesley, MA an avenue for progress.

Different Students Have Different Aptitudes

Tutoring Services Wellesley, MAStudents struggle in different areas. This fact is simply a result of the human experience; we all have talents all our own. A student who is brilliant in math may struggle in language arts, and vice versa. Whatever the subject, Livius Prep tutors are able to cater to students in grades 6-12 dealing with a wide range of subject matters.

With Livius Prep tutoring, students can master needed skills and fill gaps in learning. After our programs, students will have a well-developed foundation and an understanding of how to go forward. We work to mastery, making sure to leave no benchmark unmastered to position students well for future successes.

The Flexibility of Livius Prep Tutoring

The academic tutoring that we provide at Livius Prep can be experienced in-person or online. Online programs provide flexibility of scheduling while in-person tutoring can provide more immediate responsiveness and non-verbal communication.

When a Livius Prep tutoring program begins, we start by establishing a starting point and an individualized program of tutoring. The package that you choose makes a difference, so consider the extent of assistance the child in question requires. From homework assistance to a full year-in-review, Livius Prep tutors will examine the situation and prescribe the solution.

Individualized Tutoring

The efforts that we at Livius Prep make to identify learning styles, speed of knowledge acquisition, and personality differences pay dividends in results. We’re able to design programs that help students learn the needed material faster and more effectively.

The best-fit match of tutor to student plays a significant role as well. This relationship, when it works, can lead to student buy in. All of the tutors at Livius Prep come from prestigious US universities, receive thorough training from us, and operate as employees rather than independent contractors. If a student finds that the tutor supplied is not a good fit, we will provide a different tutor and add the used hour back to the package.

Whether students come to Livius Prep for help with middle school math, understanding Shakespeare, or applying the rules of genetics to Punnett squares, we offer tutors that can effectively teach. Our programs are designed to develop skill mastery, and they do so.

On Site Tutoring

  • Center-based in Lexington, Wellesley, and Newton, MA
  • Private 1:1 tutoring
  • Research-based methods and curriculum
  • Best-fit tutor match
  • Grades 6-12
  • Wide range of subjects

Online Tutoring

  • Live, online format
  • Flexible schedules
  • Curriculum modified for online use
  • Grades 6-12 and numerous subjects

One-on-One Tutoring Packages

  • 12-Hours Online
  • 20-Hours Online
  • 12-Hours On Site
  • 20-Hours On Site

Successful tutoring from Livius Prep can help a struggling student become a successful student, an advanced student maintain progress, and an average student become advanced. During the academic school year and summer periods, provide students with a leg up for the upcoming term.

Tutoring services in Wellesley, MA are available from Livius Prep. Following the pandemic, we’ve seen more and more students who are off targeted grade levels. Work to get your child back on track by scheduling a program today: (800) 428-8378.