Tutoring Services Lexington, MA

Academic progress with tutoring services from Livius Prep in Lexington, MA can transform the present and future of students. From advanced math to composing essays, understanding biological processes, and evaluating events that changed history, tutoring must target specific areas of learning deficiencies in a way that helps students learn that material and more in the future.

Tutoring Services Lexington, MABenchmarks of various subjects are generally cumulative, becoming more difficult as years go by in a way that builds on what’s already been taught in prior grades. The trouble comes when a student misses one of these benchmarks along the way and can’t make the step to the next layer of difficulty. Over the course of the pandemic, more students have failed to build those steps.

With so many students lagging behind grade level, tutoring is becoming critical to the success of a generation. Teachers may be unable to identify every student that needs help; it’s up to parents to be advocates for their children. If you’re worried that your student could be falling behind or not being challenged enough, call Livius Prep for a tutoring program.

Personalized and Targeted Tutoring Programs

Livius Prep offers in-person and online tutoring programs that can be custom designed for the individual student’s needs. No two students will share the exact same learning deficits and learning style.

Our priority is to provide targeted instruction without wasting time reviewing material that is already mastered.

We also offer a best-fit tutor match from our staff of experienced and well-prepared tutors. If the tutor you receive is a poor partner for the personality of the student, we will provide a replacement and credit the hour back to the student’s selected package.

Livius Prep – The Right Choice for Tutoring Needs

  • The tutors at Livius Prep matriculate from the finest universities in the US.
  • Over one million tutoring sessions provided
  • 37+ years in the academic arena
  • 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT exam scores
  • 5,000+ Ivy League acceptances
  • $30k on average in merit-based scholarships per student

Progress Academically with Tutoring

A student doesn’t have to be failing or at-risk of failing for tutoring to help. Tutoring is also beneficial to average and gifted students who aren’t being challenged enough. Teachers aren’t always able to meet the needs of all students, especially with so many who need help to stay at grade level.

Tutoring Programs – Online versus On Site

On site tutoring with Livius Prep occurs at one of our three locations. We have centers in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA where we welcome students in-person for a wide range of academic tutoring.

Center-based tutoring offers private, one-on-one interactions based on a proven curriculum, led by a best-fit tutor, and available for a wide range of studies and grade levels.

We also provide online options. With virtual tutoring, students can participate from practically anywhere, facilitating busy schedules and transportation difficulties. Live, online tutoring can work for students with plenty of activities and other obligations, uses proven curriculum adapted for online use, and is available for grades 6-12 and various subjects.

Tutoring services in Lexington, MA at Livius Prep will help students grow as students and confident people. We have the curriculum, tutors, and framework for successful programs. Learn more about our efforts by calling (800) 428-8378 or reaching out online.