Tutoring Services Boston, MA

Protect the self-esteem, grade point average, and future learning of the student in your household with tutoring services near Boston, MA. Livius Prep offers academic assistance that will help students rise to the occasion and complete difficult courses successfully.

Highlights of Livius Prep Tutoring

  • 37+ years of experience
  • Remarkable customer support for students and families
  • Over 1,000,000 tutoring sessions completed
  • 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT exam scores
  • 5,000+ Ivy League acceptances
  • $30,000 average in merit-based scholarships per student

Collaborate with an Advocate from Livius Prep

Tutoring Services Boston, MAPart of parenting is advocating for children as students. The average teacher is unable to perform all of the expectations assigned to him or her, and it’s up to parents to stay on top of student progress or lack of progress. This task can be difficult when teachers are difficult to reach and students resist communication. A Livius Prep tutor will partner with you to advocate for your child and make sure that his or her education proceeds in a forward-moving fashion.

Rigorous schedules can indicate the need for a separate tutor, but so can difficulty in regular subjects, especially when school attendance has been hit or miss due to the pandemic. We provide avenues for students to achieve success regardless of where they begin.

In fact, every tutoring program will begin with diagnostics. We check in with students to identify missed benchmarks so that we know where to concentrate our efforts for the most improvement in the time we have. Why waste valuable tutoring time on skills that a student already has mastered?

Advantages from a Private Academic Tutor

Face-to-face communication can play a significant role in academic tutoring. Facing one another in the virtual or real world can make for a successful tutoring relationship. We offer a best-fit match as well; if the first tutor is not a good match, we will provide a new tutor and credit the wasted hour back to your package.

Our tutors are familiar with a wide range of subjects; we serve middle and highschoolers with tutoring in various subject areas. Livius Prep tutors come from the best higher learning institutions in the country and receive further training once hired. Secure our services before a student has the opportunity to fall through the cracks.

The live interaction that comes with private tutoring can ensure that students with attention issues improve academically. When a tutor’s attention isn’t pulled in several directions, the student can be redirected back to task and stimulated to focus on the work at hand.

Remaining engaged with private tutoring. An interactive learning session is always more effective than a lecture-based approach. Instant feedback and reactions to non verbal cues help a student achieve greater understanding.

A tutor from Livius Prep will break down the subject matter into an understandable conversation. We will customize pacing and programs to targeted areas where we identify gaps in knowledge.

As your children work their way through elementary, middle, and high school, expect a few stumbles, but be there to help them get up with a tutor from Livius Prep.

Students don’t have to be embarrassed to seek help from tutoring services near Boston, MA. Livius Prep offers online and in-person tutoring at our facilities in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA. Discover more about our programs by calling (800) 428-8378 or reaching out to us online.