Tutoring Partnerships for School Districts in Massachusetts

Livius Prep awaits the opportunity to form partnerships for tutoring with school districts in Massachusetts and nationwide. We offer customized courses – one-on-one or small group – during or after the school day to assist schools as they prepare students academically with tutoring in reading and ELA, support for ELL students, SAT and ACT exam prep, and college counseling.

Tutoring Partnerships for School Districts in MassachusettsTutors supplied by Livius Prep for these supplemental programs are experts in the field. We employ alumni from the most elite US universities and provide training specifically related to instruction and a rigorous oversight process. In collaboration with your school’s curriculum and staff, we will create and implement programs that will work synergistically for substantial results.

Partnerships with Livius Prep

Livius Prep has operated in the academic sphere for well over three decades. We bring experience to the table, in terms of best practices, curriculum, and tutors. When a partnership with your agency forms, we will provide a best-fit program and then customize that program as needed according to formal and informal feedback.

The support that we provide begins with students, but it extends to the school, parents, and community. We recognize the need to integrate our programs into the school culture in order for student and family buy-in, an integral part of any program’s success.

By providing an online access point as well as in-person programs, Livius Prep allows education agencies to provide many benefits to students:

  • Convenient access to well-trained, experienced professionals
  • Measurements for tracking student improvements and needed program adjustments
  • Modifiable programs in relation to structure and curriculum
  • Engaged and personalized tutoring methodologies
  • Advanced platforms for tutoring and tracking
  • Family and community engagement
  • Easy to incorporate into school programs
  • Cost-effective
  • Mandarin and Spanish material translations available

The relief that Livius Prep provides to school professionals and systems should not go unnoticed. With supplemental programs, teachers and counselors will see greater success, reach more students, and even experience less burnout.

A best-fit partnership between Livius Prep and a school or educational center does not manifest as a static structure or curriculum. We will adjust in response to the needs of your institution’s cultural demographics and academic needs.

Whether you have students with significant learning gaps following school shutdowns and virtual classes or a significant population of ELL students, Livius Prep offers supplemental instruction that builds upon classroom experiences in a small group or individual setting.

Allow Livius Prep to work with your educational agency to create and implement effective solutions for students. We’re able to help public schools, private schools, charter schools, after-school programs, and other educational organizations do more for students. We provide reading, language, and math tutoring, SAT/ACT and high school admittance exam prep, college counseling, and ELL support.

We currently partner with a great number of schools and other educational programs, with impressive successes.

Our students learn how to approach college readiness exams with a strategic eye and a powerful knowledge bank. They’re able to read, understand, and respond to questions with a clear understanding of what the question is asking, even when the question requires a bit of analysis.

When we provide college counseling, students experience thorough guidance throughout the application process as they work toward college admission. From the application to the essay and even the interview, our admission experts will help students and relieve much of the burden from an overwhelmed counseling center.

School districts in Massachusetts who would like to maximize the good done for students should contact Livius Prep in reference to tutoring partnerships for substantial results. For more information about our Partnership Programs, click here or call (617) 958-3303.