Tutor for ACT Exam

Finding the right tutor for the ACT exam begins with a call to Livius Prep. Students who need to master strategies, skills, and confidence for school and the future, will find help through test prep and professional tutoring.

Livius Prep has assisted thousands of students to improve their ACT and SAT scores since we opened in 1984.  In fact, at least 2,000 of our former students were accepted into Ivy League universities with more than 1,000 of them receiving perfect scores on their ACT or SAT tests.

Tutor for ACT ExamLivius Prep is devoted to helping students take control of their academic achievement. When you choose us, you are investing in superior academic tutoring that can help you improve your GPA, gain admission to the college of your dreams, and master the ACT. 

ACT Practice Tests

If you are wondering how the ACT differs from the SAT, and want to get a feel for the test itself, we suggest you take an ACT practice test. The ACT’s essay portion is structured differently than the SAT, it allows less time for completing the sections, and includes a science portion.

For some, the ACT is a stressful experience due to these differences. It is important to decide whether this is the right test for your college entrance applications. Take the Livius Prep Actual Conditions ACT Practice Test to make that determination.

Our group classes and tutoring series will offer you multiple practice opportunities. For students who are not yet enrolled with us, we offer an a la carte option as well. Your practice test can be scheduled in person or on the phone when you contact our academic directors.

ACT Test Prep

If you want to take advantage of extensive industry knowledge, consider participating in ACT tutoring and test prep with Livius Prep. Students who have utilized our courses have increased their ACT scores by an average of 6 points.

Preparing early for the ACT exam is the best advice you can get. Livius Prep’s private tutors will provide you with on the spot feedback as they offer customized instruction based on your schedule, study habits, score goals, and learning style.

There really is no such thing as a “bad test taker.” In reality, there are those who are prepared and those who are not. Students at Livius Prep are well prepared to meet their score goals thanks to our personalized tutoring experience.

For example, students who are not struggling with English grammar, but are really finding the Algebra and Geometry sections of the test difficult, will have their instruction adjusted to meet those specific needs. Our goal is always to maximize a student’s chances of success on the day of the test.

Focusing on the areas that are most challenging, as well as accounting for areas of strength, is the key to getting great test scores. Livius Prep ACT test prep tutors fully understand this concept and will help you where you need it most. Call us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our pricing and current offers.