Tutor for ACT Exam Boston, MA

An ambitious high school student who wants to meet and exceed an above-average ACT score in the Boston, MA area should secure the services of a Livius Prep tutor to prepare for the exam. Livius Prep provides online and in-person services with locations in Newton, Wellesley, and Lexington, MA.

Reaching and Exceeding an ACT Goal

Tutor for ACT Exam Boston, MAA perfect ACT score is a 36, tabulated as the mean of the four sections that compose the entire exam. English, math, reading, and science reasoning are the test components, with an optional written section. In theory, a student can miss a question or two to achieve a perfect score, as long as he or she earns an average of 35.5. For example, scoring a 35 on science reasoning and reading with a 36 on both English and math will result in a perfect score, or a 34 in math with a 36 on all of the other sections will also score a perfect score. This leeway should give you hope that with diligent study and a Livius Prep tutor, this perfect score is within your reach!

In the last decade, our students have scored a perfect score on the ACT or SAT over 1,000 times, and over 5,000 of them have earned admission to the Ivy League. Additionally, Livius Prep students score an average of $30k per student in merit-based scholarships, making the investment clearly worth the nickel.

Livius Prep Collaborations

Livius Prep offers services for every budget – including no budget. We provide a free online Foundations course meant to assist students with ACT test-taking skills and building a scaffold for further study.

Count on the strategies developed over the 37 years we’ve been in business to work for you. We leverage a system that we’ve dubbed the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement, and we use a curriculum from Mastering & Secrets of the ACT, adapted for online or in-person use as appropriate.

The Link between Practice and Preparation

Waltzing into your ACT exam day with confidence in your natural intelligence and testing abilities to carry you through may result in a score that earns you admittance into college, but it probably won’t earn you many scholarships or admittance into your top choice college or university.

We at Livius Prep urge students to take preparation efforts seriously. By providing access to online prep essentials, we can help students work in their wheelhouse – online via smartphone.

Available ACT Programs at Livius Prep

Free Foundations Course

  • 2 online and live classroom sessions
  • Focus on skills to master test
  • Followed by live, online proctored exam to establish standard of preparation ($50 sitting fee)

Online Private Tutoring

  • 1:1 online test prep tutoring
  • Supplemented with research-based, high-quality materials
  • personalized tutoring plan formed based on ACT exam results analysis

Counseling + Tutoring Bundles

  • Joins help with college admissions with test prep tutoring
  • Application assistance
  • Essay writing
  • Schedule planning
  • Financial aid
  • Much more

The methods that we use identify individual strengths and weaknesses of students for a targeted approach of preparation, provide highly trained, well-educated tutors with a best-fit guarantee; and a set of training that provides test-taking expertise.

Is the date of your ACT exam staring at you from the calendar? Answer it with a tutor for the ACT exam from Livius Prep; we serve students near the Boston, MA, area with specialized, targeted programs at our centers in Newton, Wellesley, and Lexington, as well as students all over the US with our online programs.