Test Prep Courses Wellesley, MA

Choosing the best test prep courses can be overwhelming, but students in Wellesley, MA, should choose Livius Prep, a premiere provider both in-person and online. We offer student-focused methods designed to target strengths and weaknesses while promoting test-taking strategies.

Test Prep Courses Wellesley, MAThirty-five years of honing our process guides Livius Prep. Call to speak with our customer support team to establish the path that’s best for the student in your family as you pursue either college readiness exams or private school admittance. These scores serve as an objective baseline for admissions officials and play a major role in decisions regarding admittance and scholarship funds. With our test prep, you’ll see a substantial increase in the test score earned.

We’ve coined our process the Livius 8+ Methodology for Test Score Improvement. This special approach helps us develop and implement a personalized plan.

  • Compare – choosing between the SAT and ACT
  • Match – best fit for your tutor or class level depending on the program chosen
  • Plan – personalized plan for improvement
  • Enlighten – strategies and skill building for test-taking and content area knowledge
  • Practice – targeted for improvement and confidence boosts
  • Challenge – practical practice scenarios
  • Adapt – prioritize study areas
  • Execute – plan for test date

The Superiority of Livius Prep Programs

As you prepare for the SAT, ACT, or private school admission exams including the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT, consider that during our operational history we have provided over one million tutoring hours. Over 1,000 of our students have achieved perfect ACT and SAT scores, and over 2,000 of them have been welcomed into the Ivy League. Our success speaks for itself.

Students who choose Livius Prep for test readiness training earn an average of $30,000 in academic-based scholarship money. This figure alone makes our test prep worth every cent. No better investment in your education exists than one that allows you to attend your chosen school and earn money to pay for it.

Each test prep course here begins with an individualized plan. Cookie cutter programs do not work. Students learn differently, have differing levels of knowledge, and need different levels of training. We offer tutoring that will help you make the best score that your potential enables, and our online programs help students study frequently without giving up athletics, social activities, work obligations, or family events. True success will require student effort combined with quality tutoring and curriculum.

The tutors at Livius Prep are professionals in the field. Our tutors stay with us an average of seven years and put their training into play to best communicate with students. They come from the best universities in the US, and we focus on matching students to tutors in a best fit process. You’ll know that the tutor you study with is dedicated to your success.

The learning plan that we devise for our students includes targeted practice, online and in-person options, and tutoring that works with specific learning styles. In addition to test prep, we also provide academic tutoring and college counseling.

Livius Prep offers incredible test prep courses at our in-person locations including in Wellesley, MA, and via online programs. Allow our superior tutors, methods, and curriculum to prepare you to reach your goals with confidence. You deserve the best preparation possible, so invest in yourself with dedicated study and tutoring. Begin by calling 800-428-8378 or reaching out online by emailing info@livius.me.