Test Prep Courses Newton, MA

The academic world is competitive. From preschool to graduate school, the most elite institutions have rigorous admission standards. Livius Prep is here to help those applying to a prestigious private high school, college, or university with test prep courses in Newton, MA.

Admission exams are a key piece to the puzzle of admission into the school of your choice. A high score can earn forgiveness for less than perfect grades and limited extracurriculars. Enter Livius Prep with programs designed to help maximize scores on the ISEE, SSAT, HSPT exams as well as the SAT and ACT.

Test Prep Courses Newton, MAWith 35 years of experience and a proven test prep methodology, Livius Prep offers remarkable customer support and individualized services that have allowed us to aid students in achieving over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT scores, a $30,000 average of scholarships per student, and over 2,000 Ivy League admissions.

Why Are Test Scores Important?

Many admissions officers consider test scores to be an equalizer. Students submit to the same examination, so in theory, higher scores should indicate better prepared students. This objective standard is easier to apply evenly, unlike other elements of the application process like letters of recommendation, extracurriculars, and even grades.

When admission is on the line, a terrific test score can make the difference. Likewise, mediocre results can mean that you aren’t admitted even with stellar grades and other bona fides.

Admissions tests reflect how much you’ve retained and how well you take tests. One represents memory and accumulated learning while the other represents logical abilities.

When you can perform well on admissions test, you’ll likely do well at the next level of education. Whether that means heading into a competitive high school institution or your dream college, we can help you gather your knowledge, hone your test-taking abilities, and implement a plan for maximized outcomes.

Once you’ve prepared and done your best on the exam, you’ll have a good idea of which schools are most appropriate for your educational level. We provide counseling and guidance services as well as test preparation courses.

Steps for Test Preparation

Livius Prep is the ideal partner for your test preparation. We offer online and in-house tutoring via three levels of available tutoring: Prep Essentials, 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring, and 12-Hours In-House Private Tutoring.

Cookie cutter test prep doesn’t work. We commit to our students to provide personalized, interactive tutoring that targets weaknesses and learning gaps while focusing on test-taking strategies.

We’ll help with time management, study skills, planning a test taking battle plan, and boost confidence for its implementation. Our programs take an individual approach that doesn’t waste time on elements you don’t need or make preparation boring and lecture heavy.

Online access to test prep is of great benefit to today’s students. Their entire lives are on their smartphones, so having test prep there makes it more likely they will take advantage and study when they have free time. Being able to prepare while still attend practices, social activities, part-time work, religious services, and family events is important to the well-rounded student.

Whether you’re striving for placement in a prestigious secondary school or institution of higher learning, test prep courses from Livius Prep in Newton, MA, can help you prepare and succeed. For more info or to sign up for the best program for you, reach out online or give us a call at (800) 428-8378.