Supplemental Education Tutoring Programs for Schools

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed a significant drop-off in student readiness since COVID. Schools throughout the US are dealing with the same problem, with learning losses being as substantial as an entire academic year! Livius Prep offers supplemental education tutoring programs for schools. 

Supplemental Education Tutoring Programs for SchoolsToday’s students are tomorrow’s future; as cliche as this notion may be, it’s all too true. Unfortunately, today’s students may very well arrive unprepared for the expectations of tomorrow. The dire situation requires an effective solution, and Livius Prep provides appropriate assistance tailored to your school and students.

Meeting Student Needs with Compassion and Skill

Helping students succeed requires much more than a skilled tutor, although that’s an essential link in the chain. Students are impressive lie detectors. They know when we care and when we’re going through the motions. Livius Prep’s commitment to students is proven and sure.

Family and student buy-in to the program is also critical. We do everything possible to promote communication with families, offering regular updates and translation services for Spanish and Mandarin speakers.

Livius Prep – School District Partnerships

Schools are always busy but sometimes chaotic. We want to partner with schools’ teachers and students in a way that works, so we offer great flexibility. During school hours or after, our tutors can accommodate in-person sessions at the school, at one of our centers in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA, or virtually. We can adjust our services to supplement the teachers’ hard work rather than causing disruption during instructional time.

Livius tutors and teachers are partners. We aim to make their jobs easier while improving the students’ academic foundation in various core subject areas. By closing learning gaps and providing isolated, depressed, and anxiety-ridden students with another compassionate and committed adult in their lives, students can better focus on academics for better outcomes. 

Planning Your School’s Program

Reach out to Livius Prep today to plan a best-fit tutoring program for your school. We won’t bring a one-size-fits-all program either. Instead, we customize our approach and adjust on a cyclical basis as we track student progress.

We use research-based, proven methodologies to help students reach mastery before moving on to the next skill. This process allows us to ensure that all learning gaps are filled, even the giant crater created by Covid complications.

Livius Prep welcomes partnerships with independent, charter, private, and public school districts all over the country. These partnerships can focus on the following:

  • Test prep (SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, AP, state standardized testing, and GRE)
  • Academic support for a variety of subjects
  • College counseling services
  • ELL (English Language Learners) Student Support

Whether students need one or all of these services, allow us to custom plan programs for your school. Every student deserves to be met with appropriate, effective, and caring interventions, and our professional tutors have the mindset, skills, and training to provide them.

Partnership programs with Livius Prep serve as supplemental education tutoring programs for schools. We offer them in-person onsite at our facilities or at schools in the local Massachusetts area. We can also provide them remotely for schools throughout the United States. Please get in touch with us by calling (617) 958-3303 or clicking here.