Supplemental Education Tutoring Programs for Schools in Massachusetts

If you represent an educational program or a public, private, or charter school in Massachusetts or beyond, Livius Prep offers supplemental education tutoring programs for schools. Students matter to us, and our customizable curriculum can be a critical link in your efforts to keep any student from falling through the cracks.

Livius Prep Supplemental Programs

Supplemental Education Tutoring Programs for Schools in MassachusettsThe supplemental programs that we provide can be school-based or online, during the school day or after, locally in Massachusetts or nationally for online programs. The key to these programs is our close collaborative efforts with the school itself. When the two work together, the results are greatly increased.

Each supplemental program will begin with a best-fit program determination and a plan of action. As the programs begin and cycle through, informal and formal feedback help us to modify them as required to better meet the needs of students, collectively and individually.

With Livius Prep, supplemental programs are:

  • Implemented by highly qualified, well-trained staff;
  • Competitively priced;
  • Culturally responsive to the district population;
  • Designed for community engagement;
  • Measured with assessments to track progress;
  • Customizable to fit the structural and curriculum-related needs of the educational agency and the students

Academic Professionals at Livius Prep

A supplemental program for your students is only as good as the instructors providing the supplementation. Livius Prep’s tutors function on an employee basis; they are not independent contractors. We have a low turnover rate as well, with our tutors remaining with us for seven years on average. Furthermore, the tutors whom we hire are graduates of the most prestigious US universities, and we provide additional training regarding learning styles, engagement, and other instructional essentials.

Collaboration for Success

Working together is the hallmark of our supplemental educational tutoring programs. Our goal is to provide the type of program that your institution needs, in curriculum and structure, in order to target solutions to identified problems based on formal measurements and instructor feedback.

About Livius Prep Supplemental Educational Tutoring Programs

SAT/ACT Curriculum

Success on college readiness exams requires both a strong academic foundation as well as the ability to understand and apply that knowledge to questions. Livius Prep programs will prepare students by identifying and filling learning gaps, reinforcing academic concepts, and teaching strategic test-taking strategies specific to the test being taken.

College Counseling Curriculum

The college application process is competitive and overwhelming, but it’s vital to students’ futures. With Livius Prep supplemental services, our team of professionals can take some of the pressure off of your counseling staff while assisting students with proven methods for creating a dynamic and effective essay and entire application and interview process. By using a thematic approach to the entire application process, students maximize the success of their application.

Support for English Language Learners (ELL)

English language learners in your classrooms face challenges that are specific to their situation and require specific solutions. Livius Prep offers specially designed strategies to help these students develop vocabulary effectively, apply in-depth grammar instruction, and maximize reading rate and comprehension. We also recognize that families are integral to student success and will translate any materials into Spanish or Mandarin for more effective home communications and assistance.

For a partner that provides stellar supplemental education tutoring programs for schools in Massachusetts, rely on Livius Prep. We focus on partnership with the agency, students, and families. To become one of our partners, reach out today to discuss program needs, pricing, and curriculum.