School-Based Tutoring Partnerships

Every school wants to see its students succeed, and with school-based tutoring partnerships with Livius Prep, you’ll see more students close learning gaps and meet their goals. We offer programs that work for your students’ needs and allow you to track their success.

School-Based Tutoring PartnershipsTeachers wear far too many hats and serve far too many students. Being able to identify and address every individual student’s needs is always ideal, but we understand how difficult that could be to accomplish. Our programs provide you with collaborative assistance, working parallel to your efforts in the classroom.

With nearly four decades in the academic sector, Livius Prep is fully prepared to provide test prep courses, academic tutoring, and assistance for ELL students as well. Our mission aligns with yours – helping students master benchmarks and prepare for the next academic phase.

When Livius Prep comes into a school district as a partner, we strive to create a program customized to the needs of the students within the district. We’ll adjust the course’s pacing and curriculum in order to best fit within the needs of your students and teachers.

How does this customized collaboration work?

Livius Prep’s custom process begins with a meeting. We request input regarding specific elements that we can use to inform the creation of a personalized program for your school.

We can assist public, private, and charter schools in the Massachusetts area in person and can serve students anywhere using virtual classrooms.

Once we have a bit of information about your school’s needs, we’ll draft and perfect the program we deem best for your students, and then we’ll submit a formal proposal for your consideration. 

Even as we implement this program, we will include measures for feedback, tracking, and measurements to make modifications as needed to improve student outcomes. 

Partnering with Livius Prep offers:

  • Cultural responsiveness
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Progress tracking
  • Adjustability of structure and curriculum
  • ELL accommodations
  • Translations of materials into Spanish and Mandarin

Livius Prep Specialties in Addition to Academic Tutoring

College readiness exam scores provide insight into whether students are ready for the rigor of college and university-level classes. We at Livius Prep offer SAT and ACT test prep courses that concentrate on reviewing course material and teaching techniques for mastering the exam. Our programs help students earn an additional 6 points on the ACT and 215 on the SAT. Furthermore, over 1,000 have earned perfect scores, over 2,500 have earned Ivy League admissions, and on average, our students earn $30k in merit-based scholarships. 

Students who need a boost while navigating the realm of college admissions can come to Livius Prep for college counseling services, and we can provide this service as part of a partnership with a school district. Our 2×7 methodology helps students tailor every element of the application process to a particular theme 

English Language Learners (ELL) are some of the most academically at-risk students in your district. Allow Livius Prep to support these students through the promotion of vocabulary, effective grammar tutoring, and increases in fluency and comprehension of reading.

Thoughtfully and expertly planned, implemented, and monitored school-based tutoring programs from Livius Prep meet students with tools to help them advance. Learn more by calling (617) 958-3303 to speak with our team regarding the particular needs of your school district.