SAT Writing Tutor Wellesley, MA

A tutor from Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA, will help you overcome challenges posed by difficult-to-master language conventions often encountered on the writing portion of the SAT. In an age of texting and social media communication, standard English can be difficult to identify by what sounds right, even to native speakers, making tutoring essential to a high score.

SAT Writing Tutor Wellesley, MAWe offer online and in-person tutoring to meet students’ preferred learning environment. Online tutoring sessions provide convenient and cost-effective solutions to students with busy schedules or remote locations. In-person tutoring is better suited to students who need personal interaction and is available at our locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley.

Leverage the 8+ Methodology used by Livius Prep to learn strategies for taking the SAT, master the content being measured, and gain confidence needed to do well. Our students generally see a 225 point increase on the SAT.

The tutors here at Livius Prep are well-trained and come from the best colleges and universities in the country. Our three decades of experience in the tutoring arena has prepared us for identifying student needs and meeting them.

Targeted Tutoring for the SAT Writing Exam

The Language portion of the SAT measures mastery of language conventions and the ability to express ideas in written form. As you read passages, you’ll be asked to improve elements of the passage via multiple choice based questions.

The test will measure the ability to apply appropriate language conventions related to punctuation, verb form, modifiers, agreement, etc. To measure the ability to express ideas the given passages will focus on your ability to identify the best organizational structures, sentence order, word choice, etc. You should take these questions one at a time, identifying the skill being measured, use the process of elimination when possible, and make an informed choice.

Livius Prep provides effective tutoring that allows you to interact one-on-one with tutors to perform well on this measurement. We offer online services with thousands of practice questions and several full-length practice tests for convenient preparation. In addition to the free foundations course, we provide a Prep Essentials program, 12-hours of online private tutoring, or 12-hours of in-person private tutoring.

If you, or the student in your household, finds the notion of tutoring to be embarrassing, consider online options. The privacy of online tutoring might be particularly appealing to students who are somewhat known for effortless As.

Begin with a free foundations course for a financially smart way for you to build test-taking skills and identify areas of weakness. The four week, online course culminates with a practice test that we analyze and use to build your custom tutoring plan. With a focused blueprint, you can spend your preparation time focused on the areas where you need improvement the most.

Students choose Livius Prep for a reason. Our record includes more than 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT scores, more than 2,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30k per student in merit-based awards. With results like this, why would you choose any other test prep option?

The writing portion of the SAT can be challenging, but a tutor from Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA can reinforce language conventions and methods of expressing ideas. You can learn more about our programs by calling (800) 428-8378 or reaching out online.