SAT Tutoring Near Me

If SAT jitters have you anxious and a search for “tutoring near me” yields an overload of results, consider the simple choice of Livius Prep. We offer proven methods, dedicated and trained tutors, and a variety of options for all schedules and budgets.

SAT Tutoring Near MeAs a leading provider of academic assistance, Livius Prep offers a variety of programs. From SAT/ACT exam prep to college counseling, high school exam prep, and academic tutoring for grades 6-12, our efforts can help students reach their goals.

Over 37 years in the industry, we’ve honed our craft, providing over 1 million tutoring hours and helping students achieve over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT exam scores and over 5,000 Ivy League admissions. On average, our students earn $30k in academic-based scholarships.

The Value of Individualized Tutoring

Personalized tutoring for students is absolutely essential. A cookie-cutter approach to SAT preparation will waste valuable time, and by extension, money. The course we offer is directed by previous knowledge, learning style, and personality.

Every tutor in our staff is exceptionally educated and trained to meet students as they are in the best way to produce results.

Preparation for College Readiness Exams

As part of the college application process, students have to demonstrate their readiness for attendance by meeting certain qualifications on either the SAT or ACT.

The two options, the SAT and ACT, are both considered by most institutions of higher learning, so students consider the differences to establish which is better for individual aptitudes.

ACT – broad scope; four sections: English, reading, math, and science reasoning; tests what you know

SAT – logical reasoning; two sections: language and math; tests how you think

We at Livius Prep offer an SAT/ACT Comparison test that will indicate which is more appropriate for you as an individual. Better yet, it’s FREE!

The Starting Point for SAT Exam Prep

When attempting to solve problems, you first must diagnose the root of it. Livius Prep begins with this step in combination with a free course for developing test-taking strategies and skills. Students take part in four weekly, hour-long, live, online classroom sessions. After completion of the four-week program, students participate in a live, proctored exam. Using the results from this test, we will formulate a ten-page results analysis, and you can then choose to meet with an Academic Advisor to create a plan for improvement.

Whether you choose the Online Essentials program, 12 Hours of Private Tutoring Online, or 12 Hours of Private Tutoring On-Site, we will leverage the Livius 8+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores.

Livius Prep students have seen an average of a 215 point improvement on their SAT exam scores over the last 10 years.

Consider the power of the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement:

Compare – Should you take the SAT or ACT?

Match – Livius Prep will match you to the best-fit tutor and the best-fit class level.

Plan – We will craft a custom blueprint for score improvement.

Enlighten – Our program will help you build strategies and skills for mastering the exam.

Practice – Focused practice builds ability and confidence.

Challenge – We will provide realistic exposure to test-like conditions.

Adapt – Prioritize your approach to the test with a focus on the most important elements.

Execute – Plan for the day of the exam.

Maximize your SAT score with Livius Prep, with online and in-person options that make us the perfect answer to anyone’s query for tutoring near me. Explore how we can be the best help for all by calling (800) 428-8378.