SAT Tutoring Lexington, MA

The goal on SAT exam day should be to reach your full potential. This aspiration doesn’t mean that you don’t have to prepare. How can you maximize potential without putting in the work? Just as an athlete works on strength training, flexibility, and cardio, you’ll need to develop knowledge and test-taking skills. Consider Livius Prep in Lexington, MA, as the SAT tutoring expert and coach you need to thoroughly prepare.

SAT Tutoring Lexington, MAA higher score on the SAT could make the difference in your efforts to gain admittance into your first choice college or university or earn the most scholarship funds possible. Livius Prep is here to help as you prepare.

Learning to Manage Time

Both in preparation and during test taking, managing time is important. The tutoring offered at Livius Prep allows students to learn how to manage time, study independently when time permits, and master test-taking pacing.

Motivation and Confidence Building

Tracking your progress, encouraging participation, and celebrating your successes are just a few of the ways your tutor here at Livius Prep will help build motivation and confidence. We’ll hold you accountable and help you develop self-accountability structures as well.

Individualized Student Preparation

Livius Prep understands cookie-cutter tutoring programs don’t work. Our methodology is designed for individualization where student learning gaps are identified and remediated.

All the Prep You’ll Need at Livius Prep

At Livius Prep, students find tutoring online and on-site. We have three physical locations: one each in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA.

Our online Foundations course is free and provides four weeks of test-taking skills and strategies instruction along with a practice test that serves as the basis for the direction the rest of your preparation takes.

The 35 years and one million tutoring hours under our belt have led us to guide students to achieve 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT scores and 2,000+ Ivy League acceptances. Become one of our success stories.

Our SAT students see an average of a 225 point increase on their score after participation in the Livius Prep program.

Livius Prep employs our own 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement along with the books Mastering and Secrets of the SAT to inform our efforts.

The online access to thousands of practice questions and practice tests that we offer allows students to get SAT ready during their free moments rather than spending time scrolling through social media or amping up their Snap scores.

SAT Prep Courses Offered by Livius Prep

  • Prep Essentials
    • Online access to thousands of practice questions
    • Online access to full-length practice tests
    • 12 hours of online class tutoring (live and interactive)
  • 12 Hours Online Private Tutoring
    • 1:1 private tutoring conducted online
    • Access to all Livius Prep online practice questions and tests
  • 12 Hours In-House Private Tutoring
    • 1:1 private tutoring at one of our locations
    • Access to all Livius Prep online practice questions and tests

The tutor you’ll be matched with at Livius Prep will be selected based upon personality, education, and training. When you come to us for SAT prep, we will provide the professional facilitator, curriculum, and process for success. The best strategy for success is to rely on professionals who know what works. When test results are significant, trust the experts for preparation: Livius Prep.

As you prepare for the SAT, choose tutoring from Livius Prep in Lexington, MA. To sign up, call (800) 428-8378 or do so online.