SAT Tips & Strategies

At Livius Prep, our SAT test prep tutors customize their approaches to individual students to help them discover the learning methods that best suit their unique needs. We also provide tips and strategies refined from decades of industry knowledge and experience that will help raise students’ scores.

About Livius Prep

SAT Tips & StrategiesFounded in 1984, Livius Prep is committed to excellence and student success and has helped thousands of students improve their SAT and ACT scores. More than 1,000 of them have achieved perfect test scores, and at least 2,000 Livius Prep students have been accepted to Ivy League schools.

Our tutors can suggest different approaches and strategies for problem-solving and, at the same time, help you manage your time when answering the questions and avoid making careless errors. The most important thing will be to get the correct answers as quickly as possible.

How One-on-One Tutoring Can Help

One-on-one SAT tutoring and test prep has several advantages over group tutoring, primarily because it enables you to work with an experienced instructor who can tailor each and every lesson to meet your unique academic needs.

In group tutoring, instructors often must teach material that some students in the class already understand. This may make other students self-conscious and cause them to disengage and ask fewer questions for fear of being laughed at. And, as many schoolteachers would say, it’s easy for students to get distracted in a group environment.

One-on-one tutoring is naturally more focused, allowing the instructor to take as much time as necessary to explain concepts a student is struggling to understand. Students can get help on more than one subject during individual tutoring. It also reduces distractions.

SAT Test Tips and Strategies

Here are some of our proven tips, techniques and strategies that can help improve your overall performance on the SAT:

  • Read the directions before the test.
    During your Livius Prep test prep, review the directions for each of the sections on the SAT so you won’t have to waste precious test-taking time to read the directions.
  • Answer what you know first.
    As you go through each section, answer all of the questions you know the answers to first. Then go back through (if you have time) and answer any questions you skipped.
  • There is no penalty for guessing.
    Don’t know the right answer? Guess. There are no penalties for wrong answers, so try to eliminate answer choices that you know are definitely wrong and then take your best guess.
  • Select a single answer.
    There is only one correct answer for each question. Make sure you fully understand each question before you answer it, and place the answer in the correct space and section on the answer sheet.
  • Don’t mark up the answer sheet.
    Be neat. A machine will score your test, so avoid making accidental marks on the answer sheet that could be mistaken for answers.
  • Budget your time.
    The SAT test is timed, so it’s important to pace yourself. Pay attention to how much time is allotted to each section and how much time remains as you go through them.
  • Bring a watch or timer.
    Some testing centers do not have accurate clocks. Bring your own stop watch or timer with you.

For more SAT tips and strategies or to take advantage of test prep and tutoring that can improve your test scores, get in touch with Livius Prep at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378).