SAT Test Tutoring Programs

Livius Prep’s SAT test tutoring programs include strategies and tips refined from over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. We can help you prepare for one or more parts of the test, or for the entire test.

Livius Prep was founded with a commitment to excellence and student success. Since 1984, we have helped thousands of students improve their test scores, as well as their skills in individual academic subjects.

SAT Test Tutoring ProgramsThe dedicated Livius Prep team is equipped to tutor students in all subjects, and includes Ph.D. and Master’s degree recipients in fields such as mathematics, engineering, physics, molecular biology, cultural and world history, and the English language.

SAT Test Prep/Tutoring

Livius Prep has helped thousands of students improve their SAT test scores, as well as their skills in individual academic subjects. We are proud of the fact that our students have improved their scores on the SAT by an average of 182 points with a recommended 24 to 36 hours of tutoring.

To accomplish these superb results, Livius Prep tutors customize their approaches to individual students to help them discover the learning methods that best suit their unique needs. Unlike other tutors and companies, we employ strategic methods for understanding and solving problems that are based on our more than 30 years of industry knowledge and experience.

Our instructors provide concrete lessons, strategies, assistance, and a positive attitude that can turn a struggling student into a confident high-performer. They can suggest different approaches and strategies for problem-solving and, at the same time, help you avoid making careless errors and learn how to manage your time when answering the questions.

Livius Prep students benefit from becoming more effective learners, while studying time management and organizational skills and foundational skills in reading, writing and math that help them become better overall students and succeed far beyond test day.

If you have not decided whether to take the SAT or ACT, the best solution is to take both practice tests and compare your scores. The Livius Prep SAT Actual Condition Practice Test and ACT Actual Condition Practice Test are comprehensive and multifaceted practice exams that enable you to understand what will be tested and how to best approach the types of questions in each test section. You will also be able to identify and fix your weaknesses in order to improve your score on the actual test.

Your SAT scores will be important to colleges and universities because they use them to compare you to other applicants, to assess your academic readiness for college, and to determine if you would be a good fit at their school. If your grades and activities are not exceptional, a higher score may be able to get you into a college or university that would otherwise say no.

Take advantage of Livius Prep SAT test tutoring programs to maximize your test results. Call us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to explore our current offers and pricing.