SAT Test Prep Online for Free

The score that a student makes on the SAT test can make or break plans and dreams, and Livius Prep offers online measures for free to prepare students for success. We offer measures that are straightforward and effective for the best possible results.

Performing Well on the SAT Exam

SAT Test Prep Online for FreeThe purpose of the SAT, and the ACT, is to demonstrate college readiness. The exam can serve admissions boards and scholarship committees with a standard for fair decisions. The results of this exam can also indicate to advisors whether your schedule should include remedial or advanced courses.

The SAT exam is one test where the results matter, so preparing for it matters as well. Livius Prep can provide direction, test-taking strategies, and even targeted tutoring to help maximize your score.

The methods that we use at Livius Prep have been developed over the past three decades of experience and one million tutoring hours provided. On average, our students are able to raise their scores by 225 points. In just the past ten years, our students have achieved amazing things:

  • 1,000+ perfect scores on the ACT/SAT;
  • 2,000+ Ivy League admissions;
  • $30k in merit-based scholarships on average.

The Tutoring Programs for SAT Prep

Livius Prep provides three options for students who’d like to participate in our SAT Prep tutoring programs:

  • Prep Essentials
  • 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring
  • 12-Hours In-Center Private Tutoring (Newton, Wellesley, or Lexington, MA)

When preparing students for the SAT, we leverage our Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement.

  • Compare the SAT and ACT
  • Match the student to a tutor and/or class level
  • Plan for individualized improvement
  • Enlighten with strategies and test-taking skills
  • Practice in a targeted way that boosts confidence
  • Challenge with exposure to a realistic testing environment
  • Adapt to focusing on priorities of study
  • Execute plan on test day

All of the tutors here at Livius Prep are employees, not freelancers. They remain with us an average of seven years, so you won’t have an issue with inconsistency or inexperience. We hire graduates of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the US, and we provide a best-fit match promise for our students.

Free SAT Preparation Measures from Livius Prep

At Livius Prep, students will find two free services of which they should definitely take advantage. These include an ACT/SAT Comparison Test and a Foundations Program.

The ACT/SAT Comparison Test is meant to give students an idea of which test is a better match for the way they learn and take tests, but it will also provide students with nine key areas for targeted improvement for the most reward and some insight into test-taking traps and whether students are falling victim to them.

The Foundations Course offered by Livius Prep provides students with two class sessions within the same week, hosted on Zoom and led by one of our testing experts. The subject will be test-taking strategies and ways to overcome testing challenges. Students can pay $50 at the end of the course to sit for a practical exam, after which we will provide a 10-page report that includes a blueprint for improvement.

The importance of the SAT Test shouldn’t be underestimated, but you can find resources online for free from Livius Prep. Register today for our Foundations Program or ACT/SAT Comparison Test.