SAT Test Prep Near Me in Wellesley, MA

If you’re looking for quality SAT test prep “near me” in Wellesley, MA, the clear choice is Livius Prep. Allow us to give you the tools and help you fill the knowledge gap that may hold back your score. You won’t find cookie cutter tutoring here; we provide a bespoke program for each student.

SAT Test Prep Near Me in Wellesley, MAOver three decades of experience and expertise have led Livius Prep to best practices of test preparation, academic tutoring, and college coaching. Our student and family support, along with our methods, have led to incredible results over the last decade. These outcomes include 1,000+ perfect SAT and ACT scores, 5,000 Ivy League admissions, a $30k average of academic scholarships per student, and an average 215 point increase on the SAT.

Familiarize Yourself with the SAT Exam

The SAT exam is a college readiness exam, used by institutions of higher learning to determine admissions, scholarships, and even course placement.

The score of the SAT, and the ACT, is considered a more objective measure than grades and activities. With a high SAT score, you’ll be able to open doors that might otherwise remain closed to you.

The SAT exam isn’t the only college readiness test available to you. You might also choose the ACT exam. At one time, the SAT was the more common of the two, but that has turned on its head in recent years.

While some schools are embracing a test optional approach to admissions, the importance of these tests to securing admittance, scholarship, and placement remain the same.

As you determine which of the two you should take, take advantage of the Comparison test Livius Prep offers. It will highlight your strengths, weaknesses, and aptitudes that lean toward one exam or the other.

The scoring of the exam is cumulative: the score of the Language portion added to the score on the Math portion. Since each subtest score ranges from 200-800; the SAT score can range from 400 to a perfect 1600.

Preparation for the SAT Exam

In anticipation of your SAT exam date, the Livius Prep program will help promote successful test taking through strategies and tips for understanding and answering the various types of questions. We will also provide assistance and tutoring for identified gaps in learning.

The prep that we offer focuses on time management during study and testing, targeted practice in realistic conditions, and even a strategic plan for the day of the exam.

Livius Prep leverages our 8+ methodology, best-fit tutors, and quality curriculum to promote excellent scores for our students.

The methodology is a process that we use to compare the exams, match the student to the tutor, plan a targeted approach to improvement, provide test-taking skills, practice to perfection, challenge the student in realistic conditions, adapt to the most impactful elements, and execute the student’s plan of attack come test day.

Our tutors are well-trained and come from the best colleges and universities in the US, and the curriculum basis comes from Mastering and Secrets of the SAT.

Livius Prep SAT test prep “near me” in Wellesley, MA, is as close as your local center, your computer, or your smartphone. We offer in-person and online programs that are personalized for the student’s knowledge and readiness levels. For more info, call (800) 428-8378 or contact us online.