SAT Test Prep Near Me in Newton, MA

When the time comes to prepare for college readiness exams, many students find that they are far from ready. Livius Prep in Newton, MA will help students choose between the ACT and SAT and provide test prep, and we’re always “near me” since we offer both online and in-person services.

SAT Test Prep Near Me in Newton, MAWith centers in Newton, Wellesley, and Lexington, Livius Prep brings over three decades of experience to the table. The experience we have has led to expertise and excellent methodologies that result in outstanding scores, grade improvement, and college preparedness.

Our Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement works to step-wise prepare students to perform to the best of their abilities.

SAT exam preparation starts with a comparison of the two college readiness exams and follows the process all the way through to a plan of execution for test day. By leveraging this methodology, students experience a personalized program of tutoring to maximize your investment in the process.

The SAT test evaluates how well you think and what you know. It consists of two parts: Language and Math. Each section is scored in a range between 200-800, and the two scores are added to result in the final score. For a perfect 1600, you’ll need to work hard and study hard, and coaching from Livius Prep will lead to success.

Timing for the SAT Exam

Most students aren’t ready for the SAT until post-sophomore year. By taking the exam just prior to junior year, students will have time to study and retake the exam and still submit college apps with the best possible score. Make sure to boost your score by engaging the services of a Livius Prep tutor.

Choosing Livius Prep for SAT Prep

Students come to Livius Prep because they, or their folks, choose quality. We have logged over one million tutoring hours in the last three-plus decades. Furthermore, within the last ten years, we have helped students score 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT scores, gain over 5,000 admittance letters to Ivy League schools, earn an average of $30,000 in academic-based scholarships per student, and an average 215-point increase on the SAT exam.

Livius Prep SAT prep programs are custom planned for each student. Our ultimate goal is that you do your best, so we provide test-taking strategies along with tutoring in content areas that we identify as weak. Before tutoring begins, our students participate in measurements that will help strategically design a course for each student.

The program will be directed by a Livius Prep tutor. We offer tutors who have been well-trained and who come from the best colleges and universities in the country. The tutoring process should be collaborative and engaging with programs that are custom-made for the student. In this manner, we’re able to engage students and create a sense of intrinsic motivation.

The SAT tutoring that we provide occurs in-person at our centers and online for others. Both processes are live, interactive, and in-line with the Livius 8+ Methodology, and we provide convenient, online access to thousands of practice questions and full-length tests.

Livius Prep SAT test prep is always “near me” online, and we provide in-person tutoring in Newton, MA. The tutors, curriculum, and customization that we offer blend to create maximum outcomes for students. Contact us at (800) 428-8378 or online.