SAT Test Prep Courses

High school students facing the SAT test should prepare as thoroughly as possible, beginning with free courses from Livius Prep. Ambition and dedication, along with expert guidance, are the right ingredients to create a recipe for success.

SAT Test Prep CoursesDoing well on the SAT doesn’t come easily for most students. In fact, fewer than 1% of students earn a perfect score on the exam. Striving to join their ranks requires a deep degree of commitment, effort, and proven preparation measures like those we provide.

A perfect score on the SAT is a 1600, but to achieve it, you will have to master the test and the material. The SAT is the type of test that evaluates more than what you know; it also measures how you think.

Understanding the SAT Exam Setup and Score

The SAT consists of an Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion and a Math portion, and each’s scores will range from 200-800. The final score is the sum of each portion, ranging between 400-1600.

For those who long for the perfect score, they need to practice to perfection. You should be able to perform without missing a single question.

Livius Prep Preparation

Livius Prep, with 37 years of experience, has the methods, curriculum, and professionals needed to assist students as they work toward fully reaching their SAT exam score potential.

The Livius Prep methods produce a 225-point increase on the SAT exam for our average student. In the past ten years alone, we have helped over 1,000 students achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT. Our targeted, individualized approach prepares students in the most efficient manner possible.

Prove the Value of Livius Prep with Our Free Programs

Livius Prep provides two free courses, The ACT vs. SAT Comparison Test and The Foundations Program. The Comparison Test tells you more than which college readiness exam is better for you to take. We will generate a report and provide nine key areas for you to target for the most benefit as well as information regarding which testing pitfalls are catching you unaware.

The Foundations Course for the SAT is also free. We offer two courses, within the same week, hosted online and led by a testing professional. During this test, students receive instruction regarding the most valuable test-taking strategies and ways to overcome testing strategies.

When the Foundations course comes to an end, students have the opportunity to sit for a full-length, proctored, live test via Zoom for a fee of $50. This test will provide an incredible amount of data for the team at Livius Prep to create a bespoke plan for score improvement. Take this comprehensive, 10-page report to pursue preparation in your preferred fashion.

We’re confident that experience with Livius Prep will inspire you to choose one of our programs: Prep Essentials, 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring, or 12-Hours In-Center Private Tutoring.

Gain admissions to the college of your choice with a maximized SAT test score. From a low-grade in sophomore gym class to a less than full resume of extracurricular activities, a perfect SAT score can cover a number of deficits.

Livius Prep offers various SAT Test Prep courses to help students reach their goals. Sign up today for the Foundations Course, the Comparison Test, or any of our other SAT tutoring options.