SAT Prep Tutoring Wellesley, MA

Are you facing an upcoming SAT test date and have a bit of doubt about your readiness? Consider preparing with the ultimate SAT prep tutoring out of Wellesley, MA, Livius Prep. We offer online and in-person options to reach students both near and far.

SAT Prep Tutoring Wellesley, MALivius Prep knows how to focus tutoring for the individual student. We’ve been in the business of student preparation for over 35 years and have offered over one million tutoring hours in the process. No two students need identical tutoring, and we accommodate the individual with approach, learning strategy, and focused curriculum.

College Readiness Tests – The ACT and SAT

The SAT and ACT are college readiness exams that high schoolers take in order to determine eligibility and placement for higher learning. The admission office will consider either for most schools, so students can choose which is better for their particular strengths and weaknesses. Livius Prep actually provides a FREE resource to help students make this decision – the ACT/SAT Comparison Test.

The tests are similar but different. The SAT has a narrower focus with questions that test how you think more than what you know while the ACT tests a more broad range of knowledge.

The SAT has two sections – language and math, but the ACT has four – English, math, reading, and science.

Begin Livius Prep SAT Prep with a FREE Foundations Course

The Foundations course with Livius Prep is a free resource. The course consists of four weeks of online test-taking preparation, and at the end of this preparation, you’ll take a practice test, live and proctored. We will deliver a ten-page analysis of the results to create a blueprint for improvement.

We offer a range of programs for you to choose depending on needs, preferences, and budget.

Online Essentials, 12 Hours of Online Private Tutoring, and 12 Hours of Onsite Private Tutoring are all available. All are driven by the Livius 8+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores.

The custom approach to tutoring gives students the chance to improve, build confidence, and create a plan for success on the test date. Each program comes with access to online prep materials, giving students the chance to never miss an opportunity for preparation.

Livius Prep offers practice, focused instruction, tips and training on taking the test, weakness remediation, and realistic test-taking. Whether you’re aiming for a perfect 1600 or simply your best possible score, choose Livius Prep.

Students who come to Livius Prep and complete this program see an average score increase of 225 points. Over the years, we have helped 1,000+ students earn perfect SAT/ACT scores, 2,000+ admissions to Ivy League higher learning institutions, and an average of $30,000 in academic scholarships. Become one of the beneficiaries of our tutoring programs.

The curriculum used by Livius Prep is based upon Mastering & Secrets of the SAT books. We adapt the curriculum for virtual use when appropriate and leverage our 8+ Methodology. The tutor we provide will be the best-fit for the student, educated, experienced, and well-trained.

Get ready to make the highest score possible on the SAT with prep and tutoring from Livius Prep out of Wellesley, MA. To learn more about our programs and how they can help the student in your household, call us at 800-428-8378.