SAT Prep Tutoring Newton, MA

Livius Prep provides SAT prep tutoring in Newton, MA and online to help students earn the scores that will help their ambitions become reality. From honors placement to scholarships, elite admissions, and clout, the SAT score needs to be as high as possible. When a score matters this much, turn to a proven source of assistance.

School Yourself on the SAT

SAT Prep Tutoring Newton, MACollege readiness exams like the SAT and ACT provide college admission boards with an objective measurement to use when making decisions. The scores can also serve as a basis for scholarship and as a determining factor in course placement for freshman year of college. A high score could mean skipping basic college algebra while a low score could place you in remedial courses that make earning your degree even harder, longer, and more expensive.

An SAT score can make the difference in admission to your choice school, taking remedial or advanced classes in college, and even how big of a financial package you’ll have to help pay for your higher education. A score this important deserves a proven partner like Livius Prep. We’ll prepare you in a manner that gives you confidence and absolute preparation.

The methods we use leverage the Livius 8+ Methodology of Score Improvement, which we’ve developed over 35 years in the industry. This method follows a step-by-step approach that ultimately custom builds a program for each student.

Our students increase their scores by an average of 225 points, and we have helped over 2,000 students earn their way into the Ivy League, over 1,000 score perfect on the ACT/SAT, and on average, $30k in scholarships per student.

SAT Prep Programs with Livius Prep

Prep Essentials

  • Online platform for convenient access
  • Online access to thousands of practice questions
  • Online access to full-length practice tests
  • 12 hours of classroom instruction – live and online
  • Mastering & Secrets of the SAT books
  • Realist practice test paired with score analysis

12 Hours Online Private Tutoring

  • 1:1 online tutoring
  • Access to online essentials materials
  • Online platform with thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests
  • Mastering & Secrets of the SAT books
  • Realistic practice test and score analysis

12 Hours In-Center Private Tutoring

  • 1:1 in-person tutoring
  • Mastering & Secrets of the SAT books
  • Realistic practice test and score analysis

Online vs. In-Person

In-person tutoring and online tutoring appeal to different students. No matter the program you choose, we will leverage our Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement and provide a well-educated, experienced tutor.

Virtual tutoring may work better for families concerned about Covid exposure, students who are uncomfortable with the idea of being seen in a tutoring center, and students with transportation or scheduling issues.

Onsite tutoring, on the other hand, appeals to students who learn better with a high degree of structure and immediate feedback.

Tutors here at Livius Prep offer service that is committed and informed. Unlike some tutoring companies that use freelance tutors, we hire tutors as employees, and they remain with us an average of seven years. We hire graduates from the elite universities in the country, and we provide additional training to make sure they can translate knowledge into teaching.

SAT prep tutoring in Newton, MA, is critical to maximum scores. Livius Prep is here and ready to help with programs that meet you where you are. For more information, call 800-428-8378.