SAT Prep Courses in Massachusetts

Looking for quality SAT prep courses in Massachusetts? Livius Prep offers the best tutors, methods, and curriculum along with online and in-person options in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley.

Livius Prep is a leading provider of academic tutoring, college counseling, and SAT/ACT exam preparation.

SAT Prep Courses in MassachusettsFor more than 37 years, Livus Prep has worked in the field, improving our best practices. In that time, we’ve provided more than a million tutoring sessions, and in the last decade alone, we have led over 1,000 students to perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, over 5,000 Ivy League acceptances, and an average of $30,000 in merit-based scholarships per student.

Targeted Tutoring for SAT Prep

Targeting SAT tutoring is critical and simple, surprisingly. We understand that standard preparation measures are ineffective and time wasting. Our program builds upon what students already know, fills in what they don’t, and accommodates learning style and personality differences with a best-fit tutor.

The tutors on staff at Livius Prep matriculate from the most prestigious universities in the US, and we provide even more training when they’re hired to make sure they can relate material in an understandable way and engage students appropriately.

Getting Ready for the SAT

Taking the SAT or ACT is part of applying for college. These exams show that students are ready to participate in freshman level college courses. Each of these exams are used interchangeably by most colleges and universities. Students generally consider which test speaks to their strengths and weaknesses when choosing the appropriate exam. Livius Prep makes it even easier by providing a FREE Comparison test.

The ACT has a wider range of evaluation with sections that include English, reading, math, and science reasoning while the SAT only includes language and math.

Begin Preparations for the SAT Exam

As you start preparing for the SAT exam, plan for a targeted approach. We do so with a Free Foundations course that provides test-taking guidance. The course consists of two live, online classroom-based sessions. Upon completion of the week, students will sit for a live, online, and proctored exam for a $50 sitting fee.

This test will serve to inform our creation of a 10-page blueprint for further training. Should you decide to continue with Livius Prep for tutoring, we will deduct the sitting fee from the program price.

Livius Prep Programs for SAT Prep

The Online Essentials program, 12-Hours Private Online Tutoring, and 12-Hours of Private On Site Tutoring all employ the Livius 8+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores, and at the end of the program, students see an average of 215-points added to their SAT scores.

Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement

  • Compare – Should you take the SAT or ACT to suit your natural aptitudes and knowledge base?
  • Match – Livius Prep will match you to the best-fit tutor and the best-fit class level with a guarantee that we back with a new tutor as needed.
  • Plan – We will craft a custom blueprint for targeted tutoring.
  • Enlighten – Our program will help you build strategies and skills for mastering the exam and fill in gaps in knowledge.
  • Practice – Focused practice builds ability and confidence.
  • Challenge – We will provide realistic exposure to test-like conditions.
  • Adapt – Prioritize your approach to the test with a focus on the most important elements.
  • Execute – Plan for the day of the exam.

SAT Prep courses in Massachusetts aren’t all equal. Livius Prep is heads above the competition, and we welcome you to check us out further with a visit to a center or a call placed to (800) 428-8378.