SAT Exam Preparation Classes Wellesley, MA

It’s the rare student that can walk into the SAT exam and blow it out of the water without preparation. If you want to reap the maximum benefit from your SAT exam, consider preparation classes with Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA. The investment will be worth it when you partner with our team.

SAT Exam Preparation Classes Wellesley, MALivius Prep, with our 35 years of test prep and tutoring experience, offers student-focused assistance for those facing high-stakes testing, academic difficulties, or college application decisions.

The Manner of Preparation for the SAT Exam

As students plan to take the SAT exam, they won’t have difficulty finding resources for preparation. Whether you choose to take advantage of free resources or invest in online or in-person tutoring, Livius Prep can provide the level of prep you require.

You first might consider the free SAT prep choices. Your local high school, after-school programs, and other community organizations may offer free prep courses. You’ll also find free online resources provided by Khan Academy and other tutoring sites. Livius Prep offers a FREE test to compare the ACT and SAT with your abilities as well as a FREE Foundations course for both the SAT and ACT.

By taking the ACT/SAT comparison test, you’ll know which will display your strengths better, and the Foundations course offers instruction regarding test-taking skills and strategies as well as a full-length practice test with analysis to use as a diagnostic basis for a customized plan.

A more formal SAT prep course may produce better results. Private tutors may cost quite a bit, but professionals in the field know the criteria and how to break down difficult subject material for student understanding and retention.

Livius Prep offers a few options for students who could use this type of structured approach after an analysis of their practice test.

Prep Essentials is an online-based program with 12 hours of live class instruction along with access to thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests.

12-Hour Online Private Tutoring is also online. Students will have one-on-one tutoring along with access to the features of the Prep Essentials program.

12-Hour In-Person Private Tutoring – Students will come into our locations at Newton, Wellesley, or Lexington for face-to-face tutoring.

Do You Need an SAT Tutor?

If you’re unsure of the level of SAT exam prep that you need, consider your goals, the strength of your GPA, your score on the practice test, and the effectiveness of your independent studying tactics.

A tutor can provide a number of benefits, and Livius Prep offers them all.

We provide a customized plan for your score improvement. Once you take our foundations course, we analyze the results and plan your program. However, we also take into account areas of content deficits and struggles.

Livius Prep will also help build confidence and structure while providing convenience. As you practice and begin to see growth, you’ll develop confidence, and our programs allow you to maintain existing commitments while developing what it takes to increase your score.

Tutors at Livius Prep will not be silent. You’ll receive feedback, providing you with incentive to keep improving. Our tutors know how to keep students motivated, and some students truly need a bit of personal encouragement.

If your SAT exam date is approaching, book a spot with Livius Prep for preparation classes in Wellesley, MA or online. With our tutors on your side, you’ll surpass your highest expectations with a top-notch score. Learn more by calling (800) 428-8378.