SAT / ACT Test Prep Woburn, MA

Online or in-person, SAT/ACT test prep from Livius Prep near Woburn, MA will make quite a difference in your score. The test prep services that we provide are student-driven, based upon proven curriculum, and provided by well-trained, professional tutors.

SAT / ACT Test Prep Woburn, MATest prep courses are fairly standard for many students, but all companies are not equal. Livius Prep brings 37 years of experience to the table, and students who study with us see an average score increase of 215 on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT. Considering the $30k in academic scholarships our average students earn, investing in test prep is well worth the time and money.

Tutors at Livius Prep come from some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. Our students benefit from their education and further training because our tutors are able to meet their learning styles and motivational needs.

When preparing students for the ACT or SAT, we use the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement.

Step 1: Compare the SAT and ACT to choose the right exam for your traits through the FREE SAT/ACT Comparison test.

Step 2: Match the student to the best-fit tutor and class level.

Step 3: Plan for focused tutoring and practice efforts.

Step 4: Enlighten students with training for test-taking techniques.

Step 5: Practice to familiarize yourself with the test and enhance confidence.

Step 6: Challenge yourself with real-life conditions for practice tests.

Step 7: Adapt your process of test-taking based on priorities.

Step 8: Execute the plan on the day of the exam.

Using this method for SAT and ACT preparation, we’re highly effective in helping students improve their scores.

If students learn better face-to-face, we offer center-based test prep at our locations in Wellesley, Lexington, and Newton; although, our Woburn students will find the Lexington location most convenient.

We also make online exam prep possible for our students. The flexibility, built-in social distancing, discretion, and familiarity make online the ideal form of tutoring for many students.

If you’re ready to begin preparing for the ACT or SAT, start with the free Foundations course. It consists of two lessons followed by a live, proctored exam that will provide an analysis for targeted study.

After completing this course, we welcome you to continue Livius Prep preparation efforts.

Understanding the SAT and ACT

The SAT and ACT are both college readiness exams that admission boards and scholarship committees see as the most objective measures of students’ knowledge and skill. While the two are used for the same purpose, they do differ in approach.

The ACT is a straightforward evaluation of knowledge and application while the SAT is logic-based. In other words, the ACT tests what you know, and the SAT tests how you think.

The high score for the SAT is the sum of its two sections, math and evidence-based reading and writing. Each of the sections can score up to 800, so the highest score on the entire test is a 1600.

The ACT consists of four sections and an optional writing section. The four sections include Reading, Language, Math, and Science Reasoning. The highest score on each section is a 36, and the test score is an average of all four sections’ scores.

Join the ranks of Livius Prep students. We have helped students earn over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT scores and 5,000+ Ivy League acceptances over the last decade. To study for the ACT/SAT test with us at Livius Prep near Woburn, MA, set up your program today by calling (800) 428-8378 or booking online!