SAT / ACT Test Prep Needham, MA

Livius Prep provides SAT/ACT test prep for students in the Needham, MA area either in-person or online. The most convenient center location is our Wellesley center; although, we also have centers in Lexington and Newton.

The 37 years Livius Prep has spent providing tutoring, test prep, and readiness counseling has prepared us well. We know what works, as well as what doesn’t, and our reputation proceeds our service. Strong customer service, student and family support, and research-based methods manifest in strong showings in the classroom, in testing, and in future academic success.

In recent years, we’ve helped students earn over 5,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores, 2,000+ Ivy League acceptances, and $30k on average in academic-based scholarships per student.

The Need for ACT/SAT Exam Prep

A little extra help preparing for college readiness exams never hurts, but in the time of Covid, the help is more than extra; it’s essential.

Whether online or in-person, tutoring can be the best refresher for a rusty skillset.

At Livius Prep, the tutor for your student will be well-trained and educated by some of the best colleges and universities in the country. Additionally, our tutors are engaging and warm; they understand how to reach students with various learning styles and personalities. We even provide a best-fit guarantee for situations where our initial best fit doesn’t seem to fit after all.

We recognize that students come with their individual learning styles, educational gaps, and other challenges. It’s our job to identify potential learning issues and provide appropriate remediation in the way best suited to the individual child.

All students can benefit from tutoring and exam prep, especially when facing an important measurement like the ACT or SAT.

The ACT and SAT Play a Pivotal Role in Students’ Futures

Before students receive admission into college, they must take a college readiness exam. The ACT and the SAT are both accepted by most colleges and universities in the US, and the scores generally indicate merit for scholarships, placement in the honors programs, and the need for remedial courses during freshman year.

The ACT and SAT both test for college readiness, but they differ in a few aspects. The SAT is a test of how students think through problems, and the ACT is a test of how much students know and how well they apply it.

Students who prefer puzzles and logic-based problems will prefer the SAT while those who prefer straightforward measurements will prefer the ACT.

Making this decision becomes easy when students take advantage of the Comparison ACT/SAT Test from Livius Prep.

This step is the first in the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement. The complete system is as follows:

  • Compare – SAT or ACT?
  • Match – Tutor/class level
  • Plan – Tailored plan for improvement
  • Enlighten – Strategies and skill building
  • Practice – Targeted practice and confidence building
  • Challenge – Exposure to actual conditions
  • Adapt – Focus on what matters most
  • Execute – Day of exam plan of attack

Once you know which exam is better for you to take, a practice exam will help as you focus your preparation on areas that need additional work.

Doing well on the SAT/ACT test sets students on paths of success, and exam prep from Livius Prep will help Needham, MA students open more doors for their futures. Prepare for success today by securing a spot on our schedule; call (800) 428-8378.