SAT / ACT Test Prep Medford, MA

Are you stressed about the upcoming SAT/ACT test? Whether you’re unsure of which exam to take (ACT/SAT), need help with test-taking skills, or have learning gaps that need to be filled before exam day, come to Livius Prep near Medford, MA. We offer online and in-person programs to help students of all learning styles reach their goals.

SAT / ACT Test Prep Medford, MAThe right score can help students earn scholarships that will reduce the burden of student loans and family assistance. Livius Prep has 37 years of experience providing exam preparation, academic tutoring, and college readiness counseling.

In recent years, we have helped students earn more than 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT scores and 5,000+ Ivy League admissions. At $30k on average in scholarship money earned per student, the benefits of working toward maximum scores on the ACT or SAT is well worth the investment.

We’re here to direct your efforts for score improvement. We use results-driven, targeted programs of exam prep to make sure that time is well used and learning and personality differences are met appropriately.

Our Medford, MA students will find our Lexington center most convenient, but we also welcome them to schedule service at our Newton or Wellesley facilities. Alternatively, we provide online exam prep for those who live elsewhere or prefer flexibility and distance. Online programs allow students to carry on with their busy schedules and minimize any inhibitions or stigma attached to professional academic assistance.

Targeted study gets the job done faster and better. Wasting time rehashing material you’ve mastered is a waste of your valuable time and money. We identify learning gaps and fill them without any drawn out nonsense.

The tutors on staff here at Livius Prep hail from the most elite colleges and universities in the country and receive further training in appropriate and effective tutoring measures. Further, we provide a best-fit tutor match to make sure that students work with a tutor whom they find engaging and helpful.

Every Program Begins with a Foundation

Preparing for the ACT or SAT will begin with a decision between the two tests. Students who have trouble with this choice can make use of our FREE SAT/ACT Comparison Test.

Following this decision, students can use another of our free programs: the Foundations Course. This course includes two live, professionally instructed classes and a proctored exam followed by a professional analysis and suggestions for improvement

Students can take this analysis and use it to study on their own or book a program with Livius Prep.

Help from us has shown to produce an average 215-point improvement on the SAT and a 6-point increase on the ACT.

Our programs use a focused and methodical process to help students improve their scores. It’s called the Livius 8+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores:

  • Compare – the SAT and ACT
  • Match – best-fit match for tutor and/or class level
  • Plan – a customized agenda to raise performance
  • Enlighten – build strategies and skills for taking the exam
  • Practice – build confidence and familiarity with the exam
  • Challenge – expose yourself to reality-based environment
  • Adapt – target study on priorities
  • Execute – attack exam with effective plan

Livius Prep welcomes students from Medford, MA, to take part in our SAT/ACT test prep programs as they strive to shine with the test that has the power to make their futures! Learn more today by calling (800) 428-8378 to speak with our phenomenal customer service staff.