SAT/ACT Test Prep Classes

Most college applications require an SAT/ACT test score, and a high score always makes the best impression. Livius Prep offers small-group prep classes and private tutoring to help you make the best score possible. When an admissions officer looks through a stack of applications, make sure that yours stays in the consideration pile based on score alone.

Establish Your Goal and Meet It

SAT/ACT Test Prep ClassesThe SAT score is the sum of the two sections – language and math, and the ACT score is the average of the four sections – English, math, reading, and science reasoning. The top SAT score is 1600, and the top ACT score is 36. With the help of a skilled tutor from Livius Prep and a commitment to preparation, you can score as close to these numbers as possible.

For some, the goal will be a minimal score for community college admissions; for others, the Ivies and scholarships are the finish line. Whatever your goal, train for it just as you would any other challenge. We at Livius Prep can help with a baseline, a plan for success, and guidance to meet your goal. 

We can back up our claims of superiority with numbers. Over the past decade, we’ve led students to all of the following achievements:

  • 1,000+ perfect SAT/ACT exam scores
  • 2,000+ Ivy League admission letters
  • $30k in academic scholarships per student

By participating in our test prep programs, you can expect to see improvements in your scores. On average, ACT test-takers improve their scores by 6 points and SAT takers by 215.

Livius Prep ACT/SAT Resources

The resources Livius Prep offers to help you prepare for your SAT/ACT exams include a wide range of options to meet every need and budget. The small-class virtual program is an outstanding value. It offers professional-level tutoring for students to learn with their peers on an appropriate level and according to our proven curriculum and methods. 

We’ve had nearly four decades to figure out what works. Today, we leverage that experience and expertise to meet the needs of our students, whether their programs are held virtually or onsite, one-on-one, or part of a group setting.

The small-class SAT/ACT course includes twelve 90-minute tutoring sessions. During these 18 hours, students will review content that will be seen on the test, skills for test-taking, and critical thinking.

After a diagnostic measurement, our experts will analyze the results to create a targeted curriculum. In addition to the course itself, students will receive PDF versions of Livius Prep’s textbooks that are typically incorporated into our programs.

Following your test date, log on for an info and Q&A session with the Livius Prep academic director and college counselor.

Livius Prep also provides private in-person and online tutoring and college counseling bundles with a blend of test prep, assistance with admission essay writing, and even preparation for the college interview.

SAT/ACT test prep classes from the team at Livius Prep can be a game-changer. The tutors we provide have the skills and dedication needed to guide you toward your goal score, and our methods are tested and proven. Reach out today to discuss how our programs can be tailored to your needs: 800-428-8378.