SAT & ACT Prep Course Online

SAT and ACT readiness comes with appropriate preparation, and Livius Prep offers a small-class online course that offers affordability, flexibility, and more.

SAT & ACT Prep Course OnlineDuring the course, students will benefit from the best practices we’ve developed, our highly educated, well-trained tutors, and the research-based curriculum we rely on.

Features of Livius Prep Programs:

  • Based on 37 years of experience
  • 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement
  • Responsive and appropriate customer service
  • 1,000,000+ tutoring hours provided
  • 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT exam scores
  • 2,000+ Ivy League acceptances
  • $30k average in academic scholarships per student

The Power of Livius Prep Exam Prep

Expecting to do well on college readiness exams without putting in the work is nonsensical. In all areas of life, when something is valuable, it requires effort. We operate with an understanding that lessons should target weaknesses, build upon strengths, incorporate test-taking abilities, and build confidence and comfort.

Planning and follow-through are essential for preparation. Some students can prepare independently while others need professional guidance. We offer a range of programs that will help you reach your target score.

Over the past decade, we have helped thousands of students make perfect  SAT scores of 1600and ACT scores of 36, and on average Livius Prep students increase their SAT scores by 215 points and their ACT scores by 6 points. Investing in a quality prep program like that offered at Livius Prep is well worth it.

Livius Prep SAT/ACT Programs include:

  • Private online tutoring
  • SAT/ACT online class
  • Counseling + tutoring bundles

Small-Class ACT and SAT Prep Program

The small-class program that we provide for SAT and ACT prep takes place in a virtual setting with a few other students to contribute to discussion and questioning. The program includes twelve sessions, 90 minutes each, and takes a total of 18 hours.

We begin the small-class prep program as we do all of our programs, with a diagnostic pre-test. This evaluation allows our experts to build a foundation for your program and choose the best-fit class for your participation.

As you complete the class, you will learn more than just academic content that you should already know. You will also gain insight into conquering the test itself. For the SAT, this prep will involve analysis, logic, and solving puzzles, and for the ACT, this prep will focus on understanding question structure and reading analytically.

Livius Prep Tutors

The staff of tutors here at Livius Prep is impressive, to say the least. Every test prep professional here is a graduate of one of the United State’s best universities, and they have also completed our rigorous training requirements and continually submit to oversight. Our tutors are professionals and remain with us for an average of seven years.

Knowledge plus communication equals effective tutoring. We arm our tutors with an understanding of learning methodologies, styles, and other essentials of instruction for a successful tutoring experience.

As you prepare for college, come to Livius Prep for help. The ACT and SAT exams may be gatekeepers to university admission, but our online prep course provides the keys. Develop your abilities, refresh your academic foundation, and practice your way to success with the small-class program we offer. Learn more about this program or our many others by calling 800-428-8378 or following this link to set up your class or pose questions.