SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Malden, MA

The experienced tutors at Livius Prep can help your student with SAT/ACT exam test prep in Malden, MA. We offer classes that focus on improving confidence, strengthening study skills, and boosting test scores.

A commitment to excellence and student success is what inspired our inception in 1984. Over the 30-plus years we have been working with students,Livius Prep has helped thousands of them improve their SAT and ACT scores. And, more than 1,000 of them achieved perfect scores on these exams.

Livius Prep Can Help

SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Malden, MAOver the years, our industry expertise and knowledge has helped students improve their skills in various academic subjects as well as their test scores. We are thrilled to be able to say that students who get ACT tutoring from Livius Prep’s experts improve their scores by an average of 6 points and our SAT students’ scores go up 182 points on average. These results are seen after a recommended 24 to 36 hours of tutoring.

Our superb results are accomplished via Livius Prep tutors’ customized approaches to students as individuals. We help them discover the learning styles and methods that best support their unique needs. Unlike other companies and tutors, we utilize strategic methods for solving and understanding problems that have been refined over our 30 years of industry experience.

Additionally, our tutors are carefully selected to include the most experienced and talented subject area experts so that students are provided with individualized, comprehensive instruction. Our tutors are not just experts in their fields, they have Master’s degrees or higher, and are skilled at connecting with students, providing customized approaches, and understanding varying learner needs and learning styles.

Practice Tests Are Good

Livius Prep has created two practice tests that will offer you multifaceted and comprehensive preparation for the testing challenges that are coming. You can take either, or both, the ACT Actual Condition Practice Test and SAT Actual Condition Practice Test.

These tests have been designed to match the real SAT and ACT as much as possible. Taking Livius Prep’s practice tests should help you avoid surprises on your actual testing date. You will be able to better understand the types and structure of the questions in each section, and our tutors can teach you how to best approach them all.

And, taking practice tests help you learn to adjust to the timing allotted for each section so that you are better prepared to pace yourself. After several of these tests you will know which types of questions tend to interrupt your stamina and speed and will therefore be able to avoid spending too much time on other questions.

SAT/ACT exam test prep in Malden, MA is as close as Livius Prep. No matter your area of struggle, our experts are well-trained to help you get the best scores you can on these weighty exams. Contact us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our programs and pricing.