SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Everett, MA

SAT/ACT exam test prep in Everett, MA is as close as Livius Prep. Our private test prep tutors will assist your student in achieving the highest possible scores on his or her SAT and/or ACT tests. We also work with students to assist in PSAT and AP exam score improvements. All grade levels and subject areas are taught by seasoned professionals and will enable students to dramatically lift their test scores.

Deciding Which Test to Take

SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Everett, MAYou may be wondering which test is the best option for you and your college aspirations. Both the ACT and SAT are accepted by colleges all over the country. Neither test will give you an advantage over the other as far as acceptance is concerned. However, determining which test best suits your skills and abilities will make it easier for you to earn your highest scores.

Here are some things you need to know:

Length of Test: Both the SAT and ACT are actually similar in length. Overall time for taking and completing the SAT is 3 hours with an additional 50 minutes if you choose to add the essay portion. The ACT will take slightly less time, 2 hours and 55 minutes, plus 40 minutes for its optional essay.

Sections: Similar sections are included on the ACT and SAT.  The SAT has sections labeled Reading, Writing and Language, Math Calculator, and Math No Calculator, and the optional essay. On the other hand, the ACT includes: English, Math, Reading, Science, and the optional essay.

When considering the sections, those who are better at math and are adept at using a calculator will find that the SAT might be the best choice. Whereas those who are stronger in History/Social Studies (which are generally the focus of the reading passages) and English, may prefer to take the ACT.

Question Count: The ACT has more questions than the SAT. There are 215 questions on it as opposed to 154 on the SAT. Also, the SAT allows more time for answering the questions than the ACT does. Students who struggle with time management, or are easily overwhelmed by time constraint pressures, will probably have better success on the SAT.

Choose Livius Prep

Our commitment to excellence and student success is what drove our founders to open the doors in 1984. Since that time, we have helped thousands of students improve their scores on tests and in various academic subjects.

Our ACT students, on average, demonstrate a 6-point improvement after receiving tutoring from our experts. And, the SAT scores our students receive reveal an average improvement of 182 points. Of course, these results are after a recommended 24 to 36 hours of tutoring with our professionals.

These superb results exist because Livius Prep tutors customize their approaches to discover individual student learning styles and adapt instruction to best fit their unique needs. Our tutors have been carefully selected to include experienced and talented subject area experts.

As you know, getting into a top choice college, and potentially receiving scholarships to do so, begins with great SAT and/or ACT scores. The best way to achieve these results is to work with a Livius Prep tutor for SAT/ACT exam test prep in Everett, MA. Give us a call at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our pricing and current offers.