SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Dover, MA

Are you wondering if you might benefit from working with a private tutor for SAT/ACT exam test prep in Dover, MA? If you would like to meet and exceed your goals, Livius Prep can provide you with a personalized one-on-one approach that helps you develop the academic blueprint for success.

Your Scores are Important

SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Dover, MAColleges utilize SAT and ACT scores to make determinations about you as a student. These scores help them compare you to their other applicants, determine if you are a good fit for their school, and assess your academic readiness for the college environment.

Understand, that if your scores are not high enough, your dedication to community service, outstanding college essay, challenging course load, strong GPA, and extracurricular activities, may not even be seen by college admissions officers. Getting the highest scores possible is the most important aspect because the stakes are high and time spent preparing for the test is invaluable.

Exceptional scores on the ACT or SAT can also make up for any deficits in the rest of your application. If you have a weak grade in a class, or haven’t participated in a lot of extracurricular activities, these issues may be overlooked thanks to that great score. Plus, competitive scores improve your ability to receive a scholarship. The truth is, higher tests scores give you a boost in many areas when it comes to the admissions process.

You Can Improve Your Scores

If you have been looking to improve your test scores, Livius Prep’s ACT and SAT test prep and tutoring curricula offers tips and strategies that have been refined over decades in this industry.

Believe it or not, both the ACT and SAT are coachable exams. With personal attention and preparation from a Livius Prep expert, you CAN improve those test results. You may even attain dramatic improvements when you understand the test better and are then able to recognize and fix your previous mistakes.

If you really want to familiarize yourself with both tests, we suggest you schedule a time to take both Livius Prep’s ACT Actual Condition Practice Test and SAT Actual Condition Practice Test. These multifaceted and comprehensive practice tests will help you identify the test that is better suited to your abilities and skills.

We recommend that you take the practice tests several months before you are scheduled to take the real exam.  This way you can see how much improvement you will need to make and what areas you need to focus the most on. Areas that you excel in can be eliminated from future preparation work which saves you time to focus on the weakest sections. If you want to earn the highest scores you can, these practice tests are an indispensable resource.

Choose Livius Prep

Our commitment to excellence and student success was the catalyst behind our establishment in 1984.  Since then we have assisted thousands of students in improving their skills in academic subjects as well as their scores on the ACT and SAT.

Livius Prep students improve their ACT scores, on average, by 6 points and their SAT scores, on average, by 182 points once they have invested in the recommended 24 to 36 hours of tutoring.

Our tutors accomplish these results with students because they customize their approaches to help students understand their learning styles and the learning methods that best meet their unique needs.

Receiving SAT/ACT exam test prep in Dover, MA from a Livius Prep expert will help you build confidence and master skills and strategies that will continue to reward you throughout your life. Give us a call at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our pricing and current offers.