SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Braintree, MA

If you have been looking for the best SAT/ACT exam test prep in Braintree, MA, your search can end here. Getting an exceptional score on either the ACT or SAT begins with Livius Prep, where a tutor, who fully understands your strengths and weaknesses, can help you focus on the areas that need it most.

SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Braintree, MAEmpowering students to take control of their own academic achievement was the catalyst for Livius Prep’s inception in 1984.  Since then, we have assisted thousands of students with improving their scores on both the ACT and SAT. In fact, more than 1,000 of them received perfect scores and at least 2,000 of them were accepted into Ivy League universities.

Livius Prep offers small-group prep classes as well as one-on-one tutoring. And, we use a variety of proprietary materials and strategies that allow you to experience actual testing conditions. Each session will be tailored to meet your personal academic needs.

Which Test is Best for Me?

This is a common question among college bound students. Both of these tests are accepted by every college and university in the United States. And, since there is no advantage to taking one test over the other, the real issue is determining which test best fits your skills and abilities to ensure you get the highest scores possible.

Because neither test is easier or harder than the other, the best way for you to make the decision is to take Livius Prep’s ACT vs. SAT Comparison Test. This test compresses all the major components of each exam into a single test. Upon completion, we will provide you with a diagnostic report that will give you a recommendation as to which test is best suited for you and most likely to maximize your score results.

Why are High Scores Important?

SAT and ACT scores are important because they enable colleges and universities to compare your abilities to those of other applicants. They help assess your readiness for the college experience and whether or not you are a good fit for the rigor and workloads at their school.

Of course, there are other things that will contribute to your potential acceptance. If, for example, your scores are lower than you would like, the college might also review your GPA, application essay, previous course loads, extracurricular activities, teacher recommendations, and devotion to community service. However, low scores often mean that these things don’t even get looked at. This is why test preparation is so crucial.

Why Choose Livius Prep?

Livius Prep is dedicated to improving your scores and college acceptance potential.  When you choose us for your test prep needs you can be confident that you are investing in superior academic tutoring. We offer:

  • Session notes for parents
  • Exclusive personal attention
  • Proprietary curriculum, books, and strategies
  • Small-group classes
  • One-on-one academic tutoring
  • Experienced tutors with master’s or doctoral degrees

When you’re ready for your SAT/ACT exam test prep in Braintree, MA give Livius Prep a call at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our current pricing and offers.